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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Can Schindlers Claim Terri's Estate?

I was hoping when it came to light that George Greer declared Michael Schiavo Deceased he would be exempt from claiming Terri's estate. Turns out that is quite possible.

But will the Schindlers have to prove that Michael actually caused Terris Death to leave him out in the cold?

By not allowing for Terri's Divorce on the grounds of Michaels Infidelity, Greer is treading on thin ice.

The whole complicit nature of all involved from the Hospice to Greer to Felos seems to point to a grander conspiracy.

Could the Schindlers in fact take Executorship away from Michael?

Florida Statute 732.802 which states that “Killer is not entitled to receive property or other benefits by reason of victim’s death”. That provision of law says that a surviving person who unlawfully and intentionally kills or participates in procuring the death of the decedent is not entitled to any benefits under the will or under the Florida Probate Code.

TEJ Has an explanation on this law.

Shake Up in Pinellas County? We can only hope!

Judging from recent determinations issued by Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe, it appears that if you’re a public officer or official in Pinellas County, Florida, you may have blanket immunity from prosecution.

Read This Mess!

Hospice, The New big brother?

The Empire journal this morning has an article regarding hospice of Fla. and Mary Labyak. It appears Ms. Labyak wants to corner the death market, and is so paranoid and controlling, that nurses aren't even allowed to speak amoungst themselves about some of the patients, even off hospice grounds.

Christina Brundage, was a registered nurse employed by The Hospice of Florida Suncoast from 1995 until 2000. She loved working at hospice, that is until Mary Labyak, and George Felos started to look into cornering the "DEATH MARKET!"

George Felos who was Chairman of the Hospice board until 2001, never disclosed this info to the Schindlers when he took on Michael Schiavo as a client. He, Mary Labyak, and Martha Lenderman, as well as Senior Medical Director Dr. James Avery, would be the ones responsible as labeling Terri as terminal when she was NOT! Medicare paid for her languishing in the Hospice for 5 years.

According to Christina Brundage, the Charting of Pts, especially Terri, had become very selective. From the Empire Journal:

"I went through the medical charts for Terri. They were very bizarre. Anything
controversial, the hospice jumped in and controlled everything. The whole
atmosphere was incredible control. "


1. Several months after admission, patient (pt) being cared
for by a limited group of staff members unlike the usual variety of staff
members which would be expected.

2. Charting, at same time as above,
begins to be primarily confined to one of the above staff members, rather than
occasional charting by other shifts.

3. Some days no charting at all -
oversight? or are those days when selected staff members off?

verification of 2 and 3 could be checked by matching days' charting with med
sheets - if pt. is getting pm medication, it should be charted by whatever staff
member administers it.]

4. The same 3 statements frequently appear,
often together - 1) Family is offered emotional support, refuses, says
"everything is just fine". 2) Husband is open to support, grateful to staff. 3)
Pt. is in PVS.

5. Elaborate charting of what pt. can't do.

Only 1 instance noted of pt. being taken outside of room. (Not all entries read,

7. Exaggerated concern for charting obtaining guardian's
permission for everything, even something as automatic as permission to evacuate
pt. in case of some type of emergency (presumably, flooding, fire, etc.)

8. Charting pt.'s visiting priest going into the room of another pt., a
crying child, to comfort him and being told he was not to do that. If that
needed to be charted at all, it should be in the child's chart.

Charting is very "scripted."

Christina Said alot of the changes started
taking place when they began grasping the "pro-homosexual, pro-euthanasia, New
Age Philosphies."
Mary Labyak started holding meetings that resembled "Pep
Rallies" , and became very cult like, in the control factor.

So Fearful are not only the staff, but also family members of those who have been in hospice.
Recalling one family, TEJ:

"I met a woman whose husband was deliberately starved to death at Woodside, just
as Terri was, even though his Living Will said he wanted everything done to
prolong his life so he could be with his family. I tried to get the family to
talk about it but sadly, the children of the widow don’t want her to report it
or even talk to me about it. The children were terrified that hospice would come
after them. Their father was murdered---just like Terri---and they were afraid
to speak up.
“I think the public assumes that the hospice had to do what
they did” Brundage says in speaking of Terri’s case. “They did not have to do

Another family Christina recalls, had a patient dying of
melanoma. The patient did a website (with the help of Christina) warning of the
dangers and what to look for, a way of educating the public. When said patient
passed away the family asked Christina to access the site to place an
announcement of her passing. Hospice Scolded her for doing this, as they say,
"Without their Permission!"

Another twist in all this, is Dr. Avery's Job with Beverly enterprises,which he took after leaving Hospice of Fla. Beverly is the leading health care providers across the U.S. for elder care. They too have been involved in defrauding Medicaid/medicare. (Same as Hospice in Fla.)

Some people may be surprised to learn that DADDY BUSH former Pres. has some MAJOR Holdings in Beverly and their Subsidiairies, at the time of the defrauding!

Back to Terri's case, it seems Dr. Avery at first gave sworn statements to the Schindlers and Judge Greer that Terri was NOT PVS, however with George Felos as Chairman of Hospice suncoast Terri was admitted anyway as terminal, and Avery's findings were ignored and only one Dr. Signed that Terri was Terminal when 2 Drs signatures are required!

Read More of this tangled web here.

Monday, May 23, 2005

EPIDEMIC IN NY! Leprosy Runs Rampant!

Over 7000 People Now have Leprosy In the US! Thanks to the Presidents lax border security, We have become a nation of Lepers!

Leprosy, the contagious skin disease evoking thoughts of biblical and medieval times, is now making its mark in the United States, and many believe the influx of illegal aliens is a main factor.

"Americans should be told that diseases long eradicated in this country – tuberculosis, leprosy, polio, for example – and other extremely contagious diseases have been linked directly to illegals," Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz., told the Business Journal of Phoenix. Tuberculosis is on the Rise Too!

"While legal immigrants must undergo health screening prior to entering the U.S., illegal immigrants far more likely to be carrying contagious diseases are crawling under that safeguard and going undetected until they infect extraordinary numbers of American residents."

The number of cases of leprosy, now known as Hansen's disease, among immigrants to the U.S. has more than doubled since 2000, "It's creeping into the U.S.," Dr. William Levis, head of the New York Hansen's Disease Clinic, told Columbia News Service. "This is a real phenomenon. It's a public health threat. New York is endemic now, and nobody's noticed."

Read it

Puer Aeternus-- Eternal Youth!
Brooke looks like any other baby girl. But in fact, she's 12 years old..?

The Latin term Puer Aeternus, meaning eternal youth, is the only apt term to describe Brooke.

Is the Telegraph the NEW National Enquirer? This must be a joke! She hasn't aged, but she is 12 yrs. old. and the size of a regular baby! Note there is NO picture of this supposed baby! So I GOOGLED IT!

A Welsh View Has a picture of the supposed Baby. Rightwingnuthouse has an entry on their blog.
Supposed they wrote to WBAL and recieved a reply that the story was NOT a hoax.

Coming from WBAL I find the same story as the Telegraph. And Pics.

To the mystification of the medical world, Brooke is frozen in time, a real-life, female Peter Pan. She weighs 13lb and measures 27 inches, and looks and acts as if she were a six-month-old baby, not a girl about to become a teenager.

Brooke lives with her parents Howard and Melanie Greenberg and her three sisters in Reisterstown, a Baltimore suburb, and doctors credit her survival to their love and support.

"She hasn't changed in 12 years," Mr Greenberg, 48, told The Sunday Telegraph. He does not see his beloved daughter as an object of pity. "Why is it sad?" he asks. "We love her the way she is."

She recognises her family, and giggles when tickled. She has no language skills .

He describes her as being the equivalent of between six months to 12 months old in terms of height and weight, and says that most doctors who see her compare her to "maybe a handicapped two-year-old".

Brooke was born after a 36-week pregnancy on January 8 1993 in the Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, weighing 4lb 1oz. As an unborn baby, her spasmodic development puzzled doctors. In her first year, she was treated with human growth hormone, but it had no effect.

Until she was five, she suffered a succession of life-threatening health problems, including strokes, seizures, ulcers and breathing difficulties - almost as if she was growing old despite not growing up. Four times, it seemed that she might die. At one point she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a lemon, but it shrank away of its own accord, and Brooke simply woke up.

Brooke now has to be fed through a tube, but her health seems to have stabilised. There is no expectation that she will develop, but, equally, no one can predict how long she can survive.

View Pictures and video here...


Fetus Flush!

New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope found a fetus clogging a toilet in a first-floor restroom Wednesday night, police said.

A doctor at the hospital determined that the fetus was about 20 weeks old, a hospital spokeswoman, Lyn Hill, said. Because the fetus appeared to be intact, she said, it was probably a miscarriage. She could not say why the mother had apparently attempted to flush it down the toilet at about 8 p.m.


Meanwhile A construction worker found the body of a newborn girl Saturday morning inside the waste tank of a portable toilet at a Chandler construction site.
The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached, and the baby was probably delivered inside the toilet, said Chandler police spokeswoman Livi Kacic.

Police don’t know the identity or whereabouts of the mother and won’t know whether the baby was alive before being dumped in the tank until an autopsy is completed, Kacic said.

East Valley

In Wisconsin an 18 yr.old said she dropped her baby into lake michigan. Police havent found it yet, and the mother is insisting the child was stillborn.

Read it Here.

In Malayasia, a report says, there were 307 babies left abandoned, from January 2002 till March this year, according to statistics from Bukit Aman.

The official released another troubling finding – that of even the rich abandoning babies.

“Our survey showed that these incidents were not just confined to people facing financial problems. If a parent is faced with personal problems because of the baby, they could abandon the baby, too,” he added.

The official said there could have been more cases of abandoned babies that went unreported.

The Star

There are new developments in the case of a baby found dead in Harker Heights. The tiny body was found in a vacant house at 304 Elbert Lane.

Investigators have nicknamed the new born girl “baby JD”, for Jane Doe. A preliminary autopsy report indicates the baby girl was left inside a vacant house somewhere between 3 and 30 days ago.

"We still don't know at this point if we have a crime,” Gentry says. “It could just be a still birth."

But investigators say there is no forensic evidence to indicate that the baby was born inside the house.

"The odds are to us that the baby was not born there, but was discarded there.

Police say if they find out baby J.D. was abandoned alive, that person could face charges from injury to a child all the way up to murder.


A 15-year-old East Cleveland girl found the baby in a narrow alley behind her apartment building around 10:20 p.m. On Mothers Day, when she was taking out garbage. Doctors believe the 5-pound baby was five hours old when she was found.

Police are still searching for the mother.


As many as 50 abandoned newborn babies are found in Germany every year. Often they have been left in the streets, in rivers or simply in garbage cans, and half of them are found dead. It is estimated that in 1999 in Germany some 130 babies were abandoned, about half as many as were abandoned in the United States.

A group of concerned Berliners worked toward finding a solution for expectant mothers who need help in knowing what to do once their baby is born. The Seventh-day Adventist hospital in Berlin, Krankenhaus Waldfriede, initiated a program three years ago called "The Baby Cradle," a refuge where desperate mothers may bring their newborn babies and place them into the care of the hospital. Today, The Baby Cradle is one of several refuge centers in the country.

Here's how it works: The "Baby Cradle" is a small door on the outside wall of the hospital which mothers can open and place their baby inside. Confidentiality assured, the mother has enough time to leave unseen. Once the baby is inside the "cradle," a signal goes to the front gate. From the front gate a telephone call informs nurses in the baby ward that a newborn has been placed in the cradle.

Read it

Jan. 18 2005. A 13-year old NY mother threw her newborn out the window of her apartment when it cried.The 15-year old father transferred the baby to the entrance of the church, where it froze to death.
A passer-by that they could have taken the baby to St. Barnabas Hospital only three short blocks away.

Inner City

3 Women 3 Choices...
The first woman was 33 and worked as a short-order cook in San Jose. She had two children who lived back home in Mexico. She couldn't burden her family with another one, and she had no means to support it herself. She kept her pregnancy a secret. She gave birth alone at home and left the newborn in a shopping cart behind Coconut Willie's Cocktail Lounge in San Jose in late June.

The second one was a girl of 17 who picked lettuce in a Salinas field. She told no one of her pregnancy, not even the older sister with whom she lived. Her parents were back in Mexico. She was on her own. She could barely figure out how to support herself. A baby was out of the question. Maybe she hoped for a miscarriage. Maybe for a miracle. Her baby was found crying in the waste of a portable toilet in the lettuce field in early July.

The third woman was 22 and cleaning rooms at the Days Inn in Palo Alto. She lived in a suburban neighborhood in Santa Clara with at least 10 members of her extended family. Construction workers last week found the decomposed remains of what police say was the woman's baby inside a garbage bag behind the motel.


WHY? With So many people Wanting to Adopt, Why are Babies Being Abandoned?

Why are Mothers being charged with murder and other felonies when they abandon their babies and NOT When they ABORT THEM?!

Judge orders Defendant 7 months pregnant to forgo attorney Tossed her in Jail!

Genia Shockome had met her Texas-born husband in Russia and they were married in Moscow in 1996.
2001 She Filed for Divorce and custody. In 2003 she got custody, but the Judge, Damian J. Amodeo.
reversed himself, awarding custody to the father and ordering that she could only see the children under strictly supervised visits. He claimed that she denigrated the father in front of the children.

Barry Goldstein, Shockome’s former attorney who left the case due to medical reasons, says that “in the divorce proceeding she testified that her husband forced her to participate in group sex and that he refused to change the children’s diapers because he became sexually arouse---charges which he never denied”.

a court appointed investigator found that Shockome’s husband had physically sexually and verbally abused her throughout the marriage that Shockome suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result.

Genia who is currently 7 months pregnant (and is having medical complications) by her new husband, was tossed in Jail, when she challenged he Judge, for misrepresenting her case. She had requested another attorney, and the Judge "Damian Amodeo Said "NO! You continue Pro Se!" (She challenged and got tossed!)

A review of the ongoing case seems to indicate that it’s the judge that’s making a mockery of the system, failing to recuse himself although having a well-documented bias and conflict of interest in the case.

She was appearing before him on Friday, May 7 objecting to his latest order which permits her alleged abuser to move to Texas, taking the couple’s children, Alexander, 10 and Victoria, 8.

Genia is a 3 time Gold Medalist in NYS!

Although he removed custody from her, the judge admitted that Genia, who earns $65,000 annually, had “provided them with good, wholesome and beneficial care”. The judge also acknowledged numerous contradictions in the father’s statements before the court. Amodeo said he believed that Genia had lied about her husband’s abuse even though he had been arrested for violating an order of protection and was jailed in 2001 for harassing her.

Read the Letter from Genia's Attorney, and the rest of the story!

NY Sex Offenders Receiving Viagra Through Medicaid

WHAT?! The NYS Comptroller's Office has found that 198 of the state’s Level 3 sex offenders are receiving Viagra paid for by Medicaid.

There are three Levels of risk: Level 1 (low), Level 2 (moderate), and Level 3 (high).

Who the Hell is in charge of this?

During a review of Medicaid pharmacy expenditures, Comptroller’s Office auditors discovered that some sex offenders were receiving Medicaid-reimbursed Viagra. The auditors matched the names of Level 3 sex offenders currently listed on the Subdirectory on the Internet with the names of individuals receiving Medicaid and specifically looked for individuals receiving Viagra.

The search found that, for the period January 1, 2000 through March 31, 2005, 198 Level 3 sex offenders received Medicaid-reimbursed Viagra after being convicted of a sexual offense. Among the crimes committed by these sex offenders were crimes with children as young as two years of age and a woman as old as 90 years of age and the crimes ranged from rape in the first degree to sexual touching.


Michael Schiavo Dead ? Ask Greer!

Michael Didnt waste any time in filing a petition as heir to Terri's Estate.

According to records filed in the clerk’s office of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, by 1:35 p.m. on March 31, he had filed a petition for administration of her estate before Pinellas County Probate Court Judge George W. Greer, the same judge who had ordered her death by starvation and dehydration.

Greer didn’t waste any time in signing the order for Schiavo.

But the order Greer issued on March 31 at 1:35 p.m. has a major problem.

It declares that Michael Schiavo, a resident of Pinellas County, died March 30, 2005!


Back When Terri was still alive, I had raised the question, "How Much of Terri's Money was Invested in Stocks?"

I had asked if anyone knew how to find out, they certainly should try. I suspected as much, with Micaheal running around saying "He was gonna be Rich!"

According to the TEJ,

"The March 31 estate filing says that Michael Schiavo is listed as the sole
beneficiary in the State of Florida to serve as personal representative because
he is the decedent's husband and heir at law. With such an immediate claim for
her estate submitted only hours after her death by judicial decree, there seems
little room for speculation why Michael Schiavo was not willing to divorce

He claims that the approximate value of assets in the estate is
less than $25,000 and that the estate is not required to file a federal estate
tax return.

However, according to financial planners and public records,
it appears that the estate of Terri Schindler-Schiavo could be closer to $1
million rather than the $25,000 Michael Schiavo claims it is.

The court
established a trust fund for Terri with Southtrust Bank as the guardian and
independent trustee.

The money, $750,000 was invested in blue chip
stocks---Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and Proctor and Gamble, corporate and U.S.
Treasury Bonds and a money market account."


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Forensics Could Play Role In Jacksonville Guardianship Case

Scott Thomas is facing execution ala Terri Schindler. Scotts wife wants him dead, starved and dehydrated! Scotts mother Wants her son to live. Scott is NOT Termnal, is NOT on a Ventilator or respirator! Scott is however Brain-Injured from mysterious circumstances. His wife Eliza wants him put in a hospice, wants his "G"-Tube removed and put to death the same way Terri was.

Scotts Mother currently has guardianship that needs to be reviewed on June 3, 2005. She could loose, simply because "spousal law" triumps "Best Interest, parental concern."

It may be in Scotts best interest to stay with his mother, who has Provided for his rehab, something his wife has refused to do. His mother has provided for his all around care, something his wife has refused to do.

Scott wants nothing to do with his wife, who like Michael Schiavo is committing adultery.

His mother says Scott is cognizant and the doctors have tested him, receiving correct responses about where he lives, where he went to school and other information. They have devised trick questions and phrased the questions to rule out that his responses are not simply involuntary responses.

Scotts Mother is now using Forensic Technology to prove that Scott had been poisoned prior to his lastest hospitalization.
For months shortly after his marriage, Scott would become mysteriously ill. No Toxicology test were ever done, altho Drs. could never pinpoint why he was suddenly taken ill.

His mother has saved a lock of his hair to be tested for toxins.
Like a true life Forsenic Files Program, We will see the 6 month build up on his hair shaft. If he was poisoned with in 6 months of his last hospitalization it will show up in the hair shaft. Like rings on a tree, the hair saves information of what goes on in the body.


Pinellas Judge Allegedly Using Courthouse Computer For Porn
Florida Judge Under Probe For Allegedly Humiliating Women


According to TEJ Judge Brandt C. Downey the Pinellas County judge sentenced disbarred Clearwater attorney Wayne T. Phillips last week to 30 years of probation for bilking the estates of elderly clients.

WOW Get Rich off the backs of the Elderly and DON'T GO TO Jail?! Sign Me UP! (Get Serious)

Downey was questioned about sexual harassment allegations and porn use by Circuit Court Judge Dee Anna Farrell, administrative criminal judge, & Sixth Circuit Court chief judge David Demers.

Downey who presides over criminal court, including death penalty cases, has been active in the Foundation for Mental Health, the Pinellas-Pasco District 5 Mental Health Board and the Mental Health Association of Pinellas County, groups active in providing psychiatric and psychological services.In 2000, Downey was assigned to the criminal case of the Church of Scientology. The church was charged in late 1998 with abuse of a disabled adult and practicing medicine without a license in the 1995 death of member Lisa McPherson.

As aside note, the last registered IP address at TEJ before it was hacked and shut-down for 24 hours , came from The Pinellas County Courthouse.


Meanwhile Formal disciplinary proceedings against Florida Judge Richard H. Albritton Jr. of the 14th Judicial Circuit Court for allegedly making humiliating and demeaning comments to women and other inappropriate behavior have been brought by the investigative panel of the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission.

According to TEJ,
"According to the complaint, it is alleged that on May 14, 2004, Albritton
told Jennifer D. Wells, court administrator for the 14th Circuit, that he didn’t
want to work with her or to do anything associated with her or her
"....He also allegedly told the court administrator that she should not go
to Chief Judge Judy Pittman and inform her of his call and that if she did, she
didn’t want to know what he would do."


"It is also alleged that he failed to respond to three requests from the Florida
Department of Corrections requesting clarification of a sentence imposed and
that in one case, he required that a defendant attend church as a
condition of probation. When advised by the staff attorney that such
was unconstitutional, the judge allegedly replied,
know that’s wrong, but the defendant doesn’t know it”.

"The complaint also alleged that Albritton sat in the public defender’s
office in the Jackson County Courthouse in his robe during breaks in trials


"The complaint alleges a pattern of improper behavior involving female
litigants including disparaging remarks, and charges that the judge is late to
hearings and trials. In one case, he told a female defendant that she
needed to close her legs and stop having babies.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Inmate's liver may work, lawyers say

Pandora box. I opened it this week. I was requested to do some research on organ donation. After I spend the day reading, copying , writing, I posted my article and went to bed. Now it all seems to be flowing my way. Everyday I have something thrown at me from "Forces Unknown" having to do with this subject. More reading, More writing, More Research. This morning I ran across this headline in the online news sources I read Daily.

Suffice to say, If this mans sister is indeed of need of a liver, and her brother can provide, What better way to redeem himself, before the state puts him to death , pwermanently.

Death Row inmate Gregory Scott Johnson's liver could be used to save the life of his ailing sister, his lawyers said.

Indiana State Prison staff on Wednesday drew nine vials of blood from Johnson, Tests show he and Otis share the same uncommon blood type, B-positive, Kraus said. That's critical, doctors say, because it means Johnson's liver would likely be suitable for donation to Otis.

How this once caring young man grew up to be a murderer, is beyond comprehension, however it is without merit as far as his being able to save abnothers life is concerned. REDEMPTION FOR SIN!

With the chances of his dying thru a liver transplant being 1:300 and the fact that the state has condemned him to death anyway, why not?


Friday, May 20, 2005

Black Market Kidneys?
How Much Would You Pay For A Kidney?

University of Chicago professor Gary Becker, PhD, calculates that private insurers or the government should pay living donors $15,000 for a kidney and $32,000 for a piece of liver.

At little expense, he said, this could end black-market deals while reducing waiting times and deaths.

Dr. Becker placed the value of life at $3 million, and the risk of a living donor dying during organ removal as one in 1,000 for a kidney and one in 300 for liver.Dr. Becker thinks the United States will eventually pay living donors, "It's not a medical problem, it's an economic and ethical problem," he said. "We can get more organs, but are we willing to take the necessary steps to do it?"

Francis L. Delmonico, MD, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, Boston, offered the rebuttal. "...paying for organs would change a physician from a healer to an "enabler in a business transaction."

They Have now turned to congress.

What is frightening is the scenario, ( don't tell me I watch too much tv, I don't) Supposed your name is in the database as a donor. You get into an accident. You are rendered unconscious. Somewhere 500 miles away is a person waiting for an organ. They have been waiting a while and their body is starting to show signs of deteriation. The Organ Procurement personel in the hospital sees you are a potential match for this person. Your Dr. decides your life quality would be on a lower scale, ( if you come out of your coma, you could be left paralyzed). Your Drs. could decide to end your life in exchange for your organs so some one else may lead a more "Productive" live.

Don't think this could Happen? Well We didnt think food and water were life support either, now did we?

This is the Job of Bio-Ethicists. To Determine quality of life, and determine who lives and who dies. They are in a sense god. (small,"g").

America is heading down a very slippery slope. When we started viewing Babies as less then human, and we are now starting to view All Adults as Commodities in the organ trade business, Where does it end?

I feel like Neo in "The Matrix"!


Should we be dying to donate?

Bio Ethicists are at it again. This time the discussion is "should patients be able to decide to donate while they are still alive?"

In September, the prestigious and influential Kennedy Institute Journal of Ethics devoted an entire issue to such topics.

One ethicist even stated, "A patient, while still competent, may choose to have organs removed prior to death, through an advance directive".

Some of the ethicists cited an Ohio poll showing widespread public confusion over whether terms like "brain death", "vegetative state" and "coma" described a living or dead person as an opportunity to change the rules about organ donation.

Last October, Colorado coroner and paramedic Mark Young sent shockwaves through the organ transplant community when he ruled that a 31-year-old man's death was a homicide as the result of his organs being removed, rather than the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
Mr. Young contended that the standard of brain death was not adequately met.

In December 2004 25-year-old K. Venkatesh, a young man with muscular dystrophy who developed respiratory failure requested his ventilator be removed and his organs removed before actual death. His family supporte his decision.

Nancy Valko sat in at a meeting of Drs. and was surprised to hear one suggest they remove the EEg test on hospital's policy on brain death tests required for organ donation. Reason? Some people after a stroke who are near death maintain brain activity. She was accused of favoring the near-death altho still alive patients over those who are in need of organs, when she objected!

Some strategies propose changing organ donation rules from consent for donation to "presumed consent." Which means Unless you "OPT OUT" it is presumed you will consent to organ harvesting!

HHS has recommended that hospitals be required to notify organ procurement organizations prior to the withdrawal of life support so that such patients can be evaluated as "potential organ donors."

"When organ donors are not referred and organs are buried, patients die and deaths in a hospital are a sentinel event,"said Howard M. Nathan, president of the Gift of Life Donor Program, based in Philadelphia.
Nathan admitted the measure sounds "a little severe," but said it was a necessary step to "force hospitals to take this seriously."

The Assn. of Organ Procurement Organizations first advanced this idea in a May 6, 2002, letter to U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. The group pointed out how failure to identify a potential donor meets the National Quality Forum's definition of a "serious reportable event."

So Now Hospitals get into trouble for NOT harvesting organs?

"It shouldn't rely on an individual physician or nurse to make a decision to make a phone call to an organ procurement organization," he said. "It should be a routine event."

Like every other organisation who wants to change the world they are heading for the children!
Educational programs for promoting organ donation are entering many school systems and especially aimed at new teen drivers.

The most outrageous proposal of all is performing outright euthanasia to obtain organs.

Drs. Robert D. Troug and Walter M. Robinson said

"We propose that individuals who desire to donate their organs and who are
either neurologically devastated or imminently dying should be allowed to donate
their organs, without first being declared dead."

So Serious are these people they have contact HHS and President Bush has signed a bill Public Law 108-216 which authorizes $25 million in new resources for efforts to increase donation, including providing
(1) grants for reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses and incidental non-medical expenses incurred by individuals toward making living organ donations;
(2) peer reviewed grants for studies and demonstration projects to increase organ donation and recovery rates;
(3) grants to states for organ donor awareness, public education and outreach activities, and programs designed to increase the number of organ donors within the state; and
(4) matching grants to qualified organ procurement organizations and hospitals to establish programs coordinating organ donation activities to increase the rate of organ donations for such hospitals.

The law also directs the Secretary, acting through the Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, to:
(1) develop scientific evidence supporting increased donation and improved recovery, preservation, and transportation of donated organs; and
(2) support research and dissemination of findings to develop a uniform clinical vocabulary, (THAT'S CHANGING THE LANGUAGE!) apply technology to support organ procurement organizations, enhance the skills of the organ procurement workforce, and assess specific organ recovery, preservation, and transportation technologies.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Advisory Committee on Organ Transplantation
Summary Recommendations to the Secretary
1: That the following ethical principles and informed consent standards be implemented for all living donors.....(I did Not List)
2: That each institution that performs living donor transplantation provide an independent donor advocate
3: That a database of health outcomes for all live donors be established and funded through and under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
4: That serious consideration be given to the establishment of a separate resource center for living donors and their families.
5: That the present preference in OPTN allocation policy -- given to prior living organ donors who subsequently need a kidney -- be extended so that any living organ donor would be given preference as a candidate for any organ transplant, should one become needed. ( THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU!)
9: That research be conducted into the causes of existing disparities in organ transplant rates and outcomes, with the goal of eliminating those disparities, ( Find out why they aren't donating, then change their minds!)
10: That legislative strategies be adopted that will encourage medical examiners and coroners not to withhold life-saving organs and tissues from qualified organ procurement organizations.(Just Take what you need)
11: That the secretary of HHS, in concert with the Secretary of Education, should recommend to states that organ and tissue donation be included in core curriculum standards for public education as well as in the curricula of professional schools, including schools of education,..etc (BRAIN WASH THE KIDS!)
12: That in order to ensure best practices, organ procurement organizations and the OPTN be encouraged to develop, evaluate, and support the implementation of improved management protocols of potential donors(Start screening and keeping better records)
14:Each hospital should establish, in conjunction with its OPO, policies and procedures to manage and maximize organ retrieval from donors without a heartbeat(Take it if you need, especially if it aint moving)
15: That the following measure be added to the CMS conditions of participation: Hospitals shall notify organ procurement organizations prior to the withdrawal of life support to a patient, so as to determine that patient's potential for organ donation. If it is determined that the patient is a potential donor, the OPO shall reimburse the hospital for appropriate costs related to maintaining that patient as a potential donor.(Watching you in the Hospital, If you are a potential match they will hover over you, until they get what they want!)
17: That all hospitals, particularly those with more than one hundred beds, be strongly encouraged by CMS and AHRQ to implement policies such that the failure to identify a potential organ donor and/or refer such a potential donor to the organ procurement organization in a timely manner be considered a serious medical error. Such events should be investigated and reviewed by hospitals in a manner similar to that for other major adverse healthcare events. (It is NOW against the law to NOT harvest)
22: That the use of split livers be encouraged as a matter of national policy
28:That HHS support legislation providing for elimination of the current requirement that recipients must have been Medicare eligible when they underwent organ transplantation, in a Medicare approved facility, to later receive the immunosuppressive drug benefit when they become Medicare eligible through age or disability.(OOPS! There goes the Tax Bill, Medicare will pick up the tab!)
29: HHS should fund necessary research initiatives (MORE TAX DOLLARS!)
31:transplant centers should be encouraged to establish and implement back to work programs for transplant recipients and living organ donors (Got Kidney? Now get a JOB!)
33: So as to identify more kidneys, and more appropriate kidneys, that can be used for transplantation, HHS should fund a clinical multi-center trial to determine whether, and under what circumstances, pre-transplant kidney biopsies are a predictor of post-transplant kidney function. (they are stocking up and hoarding)
35: HHS should conduct an evaluation of materials presently used by various centers and organizations across the nation to educate potential transplant recipients; the purpose of this review would be to develop improved patient information and education as part of the informed consent process( They will swarm your hospital bed to pressure you!)


Les Burke Fighting to Live.

Les has a neurological Disease. Outliving his expected death before his 40th birthday, he is challenging the Dept Of Health over his right to expect food and hydration. The NHS Says the Decision on Life and Death should be Their decision and Not Les'.

Les is preparing for the day, when he can No longer communicate, and possible swallow. He was . G-Tube if that should happen. The Courts originally sided with him,
"According to the judge, he would retain almost until the end 'awareness of the pain, discomfort and extreme distress that would result from malnutrition and dehydration'. He did not want to die in this way or to be told by doctors that his life was no longer worth living.

The NHS is appealing on the grounds of $$MONEY$$.

From the Times Online, 'NHS could save cash' by letting patients die,

"THE most seriously ill NHS patients should be allowed to die so that the money spent on them can be better used elsewhere, the Health Department is expected to tell the Court of Appeal in a test case."

The Secretary of State argues that if the decision of Mr Justice Mumby — that artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH) should not be withdrawn unless the patient’s life is intolerable — is not overturned, another patient could have a right “to demand and receive medical treatment of his choosing”. This, the document says, “will require substantial additional expenditure of scarce resources, regardless of whether those resources might be more effectively deployed elsewhere”.

What this boils down to, is Living Wills, Will NOT be Recognized in the U.K. if the NHS wins the appeal!

Go to les' site, he has a ton af articles on this.

Assembly Bill 654- Calif. Assisted Suicide!
Californians Need to Defeat It!

Assemblywoman Patty Berg and Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, crafted Assembly Bill 654, the "California Compassionate Choice Act," after a similar Oregon bill. It would allow patients with a prognosis of six months or fewer to live to request a prescription for lethal medication.

On Wednesday People ranging from Parents to Seniors came together to protest.

Protester Allen Rode said he was particularly concerned about the economic ramifications of the bill. Since the cost of a lethal medication would be less than the cost of health care over the longer term, it's possible that the bill could mean economic pressures.

"We feel that if this were to pass and assisted suicide becomes legal, that the poor, the disabled, the senior citizens -- those who cannot afford health care will be jeopardized," he said.

Attorney Bill Bertain said he worried that the bill would lead to further acceptance of assisted suicide and eventually outright killing people seen as unproductive.

one priest in attendance, the Rev. Ron Serban of St. Bernard's Church, said his own opposition to the bill came from personal experience as much as church doctrine.
he has seen people recover who had been considered near death. The experience, he said, convinced him that patients and families shouldn't make hasty decisions when a person is ill.

"We don't know what God is doing with that person,"

Read It

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Abortion 10 weeks.

Abortion @ 10 weeks=2 1/2 Months Posted by Hello www.CBRinfo.org
A Clump Of Cells?

Homo Agenda in School?

Fistgate is still going on in school. Read my look into what they are teaching the TEACHERS and how they really feel about parents! Learn also how it was done by design a long time ago!

Random and Politically Incorrect

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Baby Kalea Lyn Passed Away

Kalea Lyn Allen Passed Away Friday. Weighing 11 ounces at birth, 3 months premature, she was one of the youngest and smallest ever delivered. Her legs were no longer then an adults pinky. She was in Neo-Natal in Okla. Mercy Hospital.

Damn Sodomites! 'Little Black Book' teaches kids 'gay' sex

They're at it again! They just can't leave the kids alone! On April 30, The Brookline High School had an event by the sodomites (glsen) that featured "PORNOGRAPHY" under the guise of homo education.

They handed out a booklet to kids ages 12-17 (Middle school / high school kids) called "The Little Black Book."

It featured descriptions on fisting ( don't remember that one? Go to Google and type the word "FISTGATE" into the search engine), on condoms, complete with pictures, and even gave out info on where the "queer" bars and clubs are located.

These are Kids! They can't go to bars and clubs!

The book does give mention to abstaining from risky sex, followed by the statement" But Much How Fun Is That?"

The issue has become so politicized and hot button that even Pro-Fanily churches are afraid to speak out. Anyone who dares offer alternative viewpoints or common sense are intimidated, and called names, a favored tactic by the extremist sodomites!

Meanwhile the government in Mass. is all supportive of them. ( What do you expect from Kennedy's Backyard?!)

This is an extremely dangerous situation to be putting kids into. The people who are in position to stop it are doing NOTHING!

Rumor has it Gov. Jim Romney (r) has his sites set on a White House run in 2008. Let's not forget what he hasn't done for the kids when he had the chance!


Monday, May 16, 2005

Police Probe in Scott Thomas Case
We don't want another Terri Schindler!

The Jacksonville, Fla. Sheriff’s Department has an open investigation in the case of the Jacksonville man who suffered serious head injuries and brain damage last September.

His wife, Eliza, 29, a Polish immigrant has petitioned the court to move her husband to a hospice and remove his feeding tube to cause his death although he is making progress towards recovery.

According to the Empire Journal,
The Justice Coalition, a crime victims advocacy group, entered the case Monday
after Coalition president and founder Ted M. Hires met with Pamela Patton,
Scott’s mother, and Volusia County Sheriff John Rutherford.
Ann Dugger, executive director of the Justice Coalition, said that an investigator
for the sheriff’s department has confirmed that the matter is under

Meanwhile The Schindlers have contacted Scotts Wife and asked that she reconsider.
Terri Father said, the dehydration and starvation endured by Terri was anything but peaceful or painless.
“The suffering our daughter endured and her death over the course of
nearly two weeks was horrific.”

Ms. Patton Scotts Mother is currently pursuing neurological testing and treatment.
According to Scotts Mother, her son speaks a limited vocabulary, gives affirmative and negative hand signals and has successfully answered personal questions of where he lives, where he attended school .

Mrs. Thomas, however, has reportedly stated that her intention is to move her husband to the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida and seek the authority to direct the removal of his gastric feeding tube, causing his death by dehydration and starvation! ~How Cold!~

Mae Magouirk Passed Away.

Meet Mae Magouirk Posted by Hello

Mae Magouirk died this morning at the Bryan Nursing Home in LaGrange Ga. of a stroke.

Her vital signs had been causing concern since last Wednesday and by Sunday, an apparent stroke hit her, causing her difficulty to speak, her BP was only 60/30 and by this morning she died surrounded by family. She was 81 years old.

Since the friends of Terri and the readers of World Net Daily and Glenn Beck had helped save her from starvation, she had responded to treatment by the University of Alabama Medical Center doctors , had then been transferred for convalescent treatment at the Bryan Nursing Home in LaGrange, Ga where her church family had surrounded her after learning of her ordeal in the media and from her Alabama family.

Although she was cognizant, speaking, sitting up, eating-drinking and communicating until her last day alive, her family had decided not to tell her of the terrible ordeal she had endured at Hospice LaGrange until she had been discharged from the nursing home. She was spared this final pain by GOD.

WE, her closest living next of kin, her Alabama family feel Mae was blessed to have died without being thirsty and having food in her stomach..

We thank God for moving all the people of the United States for their phone calls, prayers and active participation in saving her life! We encourage any of the friends of Terri, radio listeners or readers to show our Aunt Mae and Ga. relations how much you cherish life by sending cards and flowers to the funeral home or church.

Her arrangements are: Visitation: On Tuesday between 6:00 -8:00PM EST Hunter, Allen, May Hand Funeral Home 506 Hill Street LaGrange, Ga. 30241 (706) 884-5626
Funeral: Wednesday at 11:00AM EST Oakside Baptist Church 1921 Hamilton Street
LaGrange, Ga.

Abortion-breast cancer link covered up by scientists?

In 1957 Japan was the first to look into the link between breast cancer and abortion. They found women had a 3 fold higher probability of developing breast cancer if they had an abortion.

A study by Malcolm Pike and his colleagues at the University of Southern California showed 2.4 times higher.

The increase in estrogen and progesterone when suddenly ceased in abortion points to the cause. In spontaneous abortion it appears the body knows and the estrogen/progesterone levels aren't as elevated.

During the 1970's these same conclusions were drawn using animals in studies.
During the 1980s and 1990s, study after study in Japan, Europe and the U.S. continued to report significant increased breast cancer risk in women who had an induced abortion.
By 1994, six epidemiological studies out of seven in the United States, on women of both black and white ethnicity, had reported increased risk with induced abortion.

Then in 1994, Janet Daling and colleagues of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle published a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showing a 50 percent increase in the risk of breast cancer among women who had chosen abortion. It also showed an increase of more than 100 percent for women who had an abortion prior to the age of 18 or after age 30. The risk was compounded for those who had family histories of breast cancer.

HOW did it come to be denied? Peer-reviewer Lynn Rosenburg. Her job as a P.R. is to write a synopsis that is understandable to the general public. Lynn Rosenburg goes beyond pro-choice, she is PRO ABORTION!
She misrepresented the studies, even going as far as calling them Biased!
In addition there were some flaws in other reports that misclassified woman who had breast cancer as NON ABORTIVE when in fact they had had them.

DENIAL seems to be the One thing that The media and self-serving interested parties have in common.
The fear of the end of their cash cow, thru abortion and cancer treatment may be the motivating factor, as seen in the quote from a scientist from The NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUITE,
"In short, a woman need not worry about the risk of breast cancer when facing
the difficult decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy."

NARAL Phishing for Judges?

NARAL is Phishing! Through the Democrats, Naral is looking at the judges who might be next picked for Supreme Court Appointments. Looking at their Finacial records ( talk about non-privacy) they are scrutinizing trying to weed out anyone with Thelogocal Ideas.

The group Varoga and Rice comprised of Mike Rice and Craig Varoga, a former aide to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, are partners in a California political consulting firm.

Their May 5 petition requested financial information on 30 appellate judges in all but one of the country's judicial circuits, including nine widely mentioned Supreme Court possibilities.

Nobody can recall any previous mass request for such disclosures by federal judges. This intelligence raid is financed by the abortion lobby, but it looks to Republicans like a front for Reid and other senators who will consider President Bush's appointments for Supreme Court nominations.

Varoga, a former communications director for Sen. Reid, was national field director for Gen. Wesley Clark's 2004 presidential campaign. While Rice bills himself as an "expert" on "state public-records laws," his special field has been negative research probing the background of political foes.

One of the appellate judges who learned that his financial records were sought by a Democratic political consulting firm told a friend that "he felt violated by this political intrusion." He did not know that the firm's client was NARAL.

Nancy Keenan, who has been NARAL's president some five months, said her organization is concerned about "out of touch theological activists" becoming judges.
In other words, Anyone with Morals!

NARAL has hired private investigators to embark on a fishing expedition to find irregularities in potential selections for the Supreme Court.


Animal Rights Groups told man to "Roll over and Die"

Mike Robins is 63 years old and has Parkinson's disease . He was helped through surgery with the help of animal experiments. He can switch off the tremors that were destroying his life.

While at a conference to show the breakthrough treatment he was Jeered at by animal rights activists.

The procedure requires drilling a hole into the head of the patients and putting electrodes into the subthalamic nuclei that is responsible for the disease.

The procedure was perfected using monkeys.

'Several hundred people were shouting. Some called out "Nazi!", "bastard!" and "Why don't you roll over and die!" I tried to speak, but was shouted down. It was utterly terrifying.'

After trying, unsuccessfully, to show how his implant worked, Robins sat down. 'A handful of middle-aged women, the type you would meet in Sainsbury's every day, were sitting behind me. They started hissing in my ear: "You Nazi bastard. That's what they did in concentration camps".'

'It was if there had been a signal to shout me down. It was terrifying.


Firefighter's doctor puts faith in medications, God

Donald Herbert came out of his minimal state of consciousness after 10 years, 2 weeks ago. Today he is taking rehab, tossing a ball and relearning how to walk.

His Dr. credits faith, never giving up and medication cocktails.

Dr. Ahmed took it in stride and never realized the importance and impact his "experiment" had.

This holds more hope for people with family members who are brain damaged.

He stressed that family and doctors should not give up on trying to help other brain-damaged patients.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Oklahoma Passes the Most Significant Pro-Life Bill to Date

With a vote of 95 to 3 House Bill 1686 passed Thursday. The bill now goes to Governor Brad Henry to await his signature.

The measure would establish three new laws in Oklahoma, protecting the unborn and affirming Oklahoma’s pro-life values:

An informed consent law, originally introduced as the Women’s Right to Know Act by House Republicans in January. The measure requires that women be given all pertinent information about fetal development, the potential consequences of abortion, and the gestational age of the unborn child at least 24 hours before receiving an abortion.

A parental notification provision, originally introduced as the Family Protection Act by House Republicans, requiring that parents be informed before an abortion can be performed on a minor.

A “Laci Peterson” law, originally introduced as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. The measure would allow prosecutors to charge criminals with the death or injury of an unborn child.

While I would add this is a step in the right direction, We need to bring it closer. Unfortuneately, bills won't stop abortion. Education and getting to the hearts of men and women will.

The prolife community needs more pics, more education, and we need to get together to counteract the lies of PPFA, which has gone in another direction , instead of arguing now it is a clump of cells they are taking the feminist lead of "until it breathes" and "It's a womans decision, it's her life" Campaign.

From their website:
"....Today, some people sincerely believe that being a person begins when the
egg is fertilized. Some, just as sincerely, believe that it begins with birth.
And lots of others believe it begins somewhere in between.

What we are
all sure about is that a pregnant woman is a person. We know for sure that she
has morals, feelings, human needs, and a conscience. Because of this, we know
that she is the only one able to make a decision about her pregnancy options.
She does it based on her own needs, ethics, and religious belief about when
being a person begins. It would be wrong to force her to observe someone else's
religious belief."

SOMEONE please clue them in, it is NOT a religious issue, it is a Moral Issue, a Life issue, an ethical issue!

Abortion Today puts the next baby at risk Tomorrow

According to Dr Caroline Moreau, an epidemiologist at the Hôpital de Bicêtre in Paris, mothers who had previously had an abortion were 1.7 times more likely to give birth to a baby at less than 28 weeks' gestation in the future.

Her study compared the medical histories of 2,219 women with babies born at less than 34 weeks with another 618 who had given birth at full term. Overall, women who had had an abortion were 40 per cent more likely to have a very pre-term delivery (less than 33 weeks) than those without such a history. The risk of an extremely premature baby - one born at less than 28 weeks - was raised even more sharply, by 70 per cent. Abortion appeared to increase the risk of most major causes of premature birth, including premature rupture of membranes, incorrect position of the foetus on the placenta and spontaneous early labour.

Mr Peter Bowen-Simpkins, a spokesman for the Royal College of OBGYN said "the study revealed that abortion might not be as safe as previously supposed..."


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jacksonville Man in Life and Death Tug-of-War Ala Terri Schindler

LEGALIZED MURDER! Fla with the help of Michael Schiavo and george's felos and greer has helped to make murder legal in the U.S.

After Terri ended up Brain Damaged due to Mysterious Circumstances, her husband with the help of a lot of questionable people, under questionable circumstances, with questionable connections to each other had her holed away in a little room until he had her legally murdered.

It is Happening again, in the same State.

Scott Thomas, Smiles, cries, responds, and watches people. He is NOT terminally Ill.

Scott, 34, suffered severe head injuries and brain damage in a highly suspicious incident at his Jacksonville home in early September when his wife, Eliza, 29, a Polish immigrant, says that he fell down in the kitchen striking his head.

Scott and Eliza married shortly after 911 when imigrants were being deported in a major sweep. Soon theresfter he started getting sick every few months or so. Doctors couldn't find a reason however they never ran tox screens on him.

His Mother wanted another doctor called in to do toxin tests but his wife didn't seem to care what happened to him.

Then in september while recovering from another bout with his mysterious illness he "Allegedly fell and hit his head.

“There was nothing for him to strike his head on”, his mother says. She says that the blow to her son’s head was so severe it knocked his brain to one side. ‘The doctors say that his injuries are not consistent with such a fall and believe the severe head trauma was caused by a blow to the head.

No police report has been filed. Although doctors initially suspected foul play, after speaking with Eliza and her telling them that he had tripped over his dog and fallen, the hospital did not report the incident to police.

He cannot communicate verbally but has learned hand signals, eyebrow signals and forms words with his lips.

His Mother said, "he is cognizant and the doctors have tested him, receiving correct responses about where he lives, where he went to school and other information. They have devised trick questions and phrased the questions to rule out that his responses are not simply involuntary responses."

Eliza , his wife has removed his pictures from her home and has not allowed his mother to see her grandson. She then informed the hospital to deny the mother any information regarding Scotts Care.

Scott has communicated to nusing staff that Eliza was responsible for his state, meaning "She tried to Kill Him!"

His mother had temporary guardianship, but now Eliza is filing for permanent guardianship. His Mother has asked Dr. William Hammesfahr to consult.

According to the Empire Journal,
"Despite fingers of suspicion being pointed at Eliza, Judge Wilkes has
allowed her to have unsupervised visitation of Scott but Scott has communicated
to the nursing staff that he does not want to see her. He has indicated he wants
to see his son but Eliza has refused, unless she can accompany the child on the

Scott’s mother said that one of her son’s doctors has told them in October,
Eliza had contacted a hospice and unsuccessfully tried to have Scott moved there
without notification to his family. She has stated that it is her intent to move
him to the hospice and have his feeding tube withdrawn, causing his death by
starvation and dehydration in the same manner as Terri Schindler-Schiavo.
Although he can swallow on his own, there are concerns of aspiration and thus
the feeding tube."

According to Scott’s mother, the hospice where Eliza is planning to move Scott is the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Inc., the hospice where Sen. James King (R-Jacksonville) is director emeritus and former executive board member.

Senator King is the one who introduce the bill regarding food and water, making it "A Medical Treatment rather than Life Sustanence" and brought the death with dignity bill to Fla.


Xposted at RAPIC

Hillary Is NOT Pro Life!
She Blocks senate Bill 8

Senator Clinton has decided to block Senate Bill 8, a measure that makes it illegal for an adult to help a minor secure a secret out-of-state abortion.

Says the New York Senator, “Tragically, there are sometimes instances in which a young woman simply cannot involve her parents [in deciding whether to get an abortion].” Per the usual liberal mantra, Hillary cited rape, violence and incest as examples.

Hillary opposes a bill that gives parents the ultimate say in the health, safety and welfare of their children. A child can’t have so much as a tooth pulled without a parent’s consent, but an adult “boyfriend” can transport his teenaged girlfriend across state lines to secure an abortion for her without parental consent.

Prayers Needed for Kalea Lyn.

Weighing 11 ounces, Kalea Lyn Allen was delivered three months premature Tuesday by Caesarean section. She is Battling for life. No bigger then a soda can, her legs as long as an adults pinky,many of her organs are not fully developed.
She is in the Neo-Natal Unit of Mercy Health Center. Read More

Friday, May 13, 2005

4 Pictures of Ultrasounds in 4D Technology! Amazing!

Since I didn't do a spotlight article this week, ( I wasn't altogether there, and Blogger was acting wiggy all week), I thought I would just post these in a followup to PRC Article of last week. This is what the goal of the PRC's are. To open the Window to the Womb, and offer up all the care and support they can to the woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. These Pictures have helped to stop abortion. We Need More of these machines, and more of the PRC'S. The Power of Pictures Help perspective Fathers to Bond with their child before they are born. (Mother do it naturally throughout the pregnancy).
In Addition It will help couples in the grieving process when they do miscarry. Because of the clump of cells lie, to many people cannot always come to terms with the loss, they were told it wasn't a baby. They feel guilty grieving a baby lost at 12 weeks. The ensuing confusion , you want to grieve but feel you cannot because of the Lie. You are told, "well it was so small, it wasn't really a baby yet." I feel this technology will bring closure to the grieving family as well as shut up the Naysayers.

4D Yawning Posted by Hello

4D-Sleeping Posted by Hello

4D- Grasping Posted by Hello


Save The Whales, Kill a Baby! Posted by HelloWWW.CBRinfo.COM

Tiller the Killer Strikes Again?

HT; Pro-Life Blogs
Wednesday Morning brought another ambulance to Tillers abortion clinic in Witchita Ks. Emt worked 90 minutes, giving care to a woman there, before transporting her , to where noone knows. It was reported by area prolifers that the ambulance drove past the hospital E.R. and disappeared.

Another woman died at Tillers clinic in January.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill (HB 2503) that would have provided minimum safety requirements at abortion clinics .

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said, "Sebelius is well aware that these mills are unsafe, but she cares more for protecting her large political campaign contributor, Tiller, and less about protecting the lives of women."

The Kansans lawmakers also failed to override her veto.



This is Just SICK! Where the Hell is Peta?

A biology class lesson in Gunnison, Utah involving the dissection of a live dog has outraged some parents and students, according to a report.

Biology teacher Doug Bjerregaard, who is a substitute teacher at Gunnison Valley High School, wanted his students to see how the digestive system of a dog worked.

Bjerregaard made arrangements for his students to be a part of a dissection of a dog that was still alive.

Principal Anderson said he supports the lesson and it will be allowed to continue because the students are learning.

CONTACT THEM: 35 E. 600 S. GUNNISON, UT 84634 PHONE: 435-528-7256 FAX: 435-528-3556

CBR Strikes at Fla with Anti-Abortion Billboard

HT; Hidden Nook

Residents of an Orlando neighborhood say a new billboard goes way too far with its anti-abortion message. The big sign shows graphic images of an aborted fetus. Parents say it should not be displayed along a residential street.

The billboard shows large pictures of a fetus, torn into pieces and covered in blood. The targets of the message are women headed to the EPOC abortion clinic just blocks away on Virginia Drive.

EPOC is the Clinic that Baby ROWAN Died at when he was Born ALIVE!

Planned Parenthood of Florida said "the billboard a misleading, deceitful, and cruel scare tactic directed at woman and children."

No it isn't. It is the TRUTH! My Child seen them when she was 7 years old. She isn't scared by it. She is angered that a Mother would do such a thing to a child!

I think all the Lies of PP are about to dry up and they are the ones who are SCARED!

Read it Here and Here

Bibles banned on playgrounds

An Elementary School Principal From Karns Elementary School in Tenn is on "shaky constitutional ground." said ADF spokeman.

"The Constitution does not prohibit Bibles during recess.." said Charles Pope, the ADF-allied attorney .

"A school official cannot tell a student that he can't bring his Bible to school or study it with friends during non-classroom time,"

10-year-old student Luke Whitson used his regularly scheduled recess time to read the Bible with a few friends on his school's playground. After receiving a complaint from a parent, the principal reportedly ordered the students to stop their activity, put their Bibles away and cease from bringing them to school.

One PARENT COMPLAINED?! Were they afraid Jesus might rub off on their child?

This is getting old, and tiresome. I personally am Sick of all the Christian BASHING in this country! You don't like it go some where else OK?!!!

Christians have as much right as muslims , or jews to study. This child was on his own personal time!

I'll Shut up now, feel a RANT coming ON!

Read IT

Brain Damaged woman speaks after 2 1/2 years

A couple of weeks ago Don Herbert began Talking after 10 years of being in a coma like state. Some people thinking it was a fluke, or a rare thing.
Around the same time Tracy Gaskill who had also been in a coma like state and was expected to die also started speaking.
In 2002 Tracy had been in a car accident that left her so close to death, Drs. told her family to prepare for her demise within 24 hours. It didn't happen. Tracy was put on a G-tube for eating, same as Terri Schindler.

The difference between Tracy and Terri, the amount and type of therapy. While Terri was left to languish in a small room with out even being allowed to clutch a washcloth to prevent her hands from curling and atrophying, Tracy had love , prayers, and care from nurses, family, and community.

The nurses taught her to hum, leading eventually to her being able to speak again, coherently.

Her Doctor, Dr. David Schmeidler said,
"I have never seen this happen in my career. I've read about it happening, the
severely brain damaged recovering suddenly, but never seen it – until now."

"She is actually able to speak and to speak coherently. In light of all
this stuff on Terri Schiavo ... it makes you pause and think.

YES it does Dr, It makes ya think that perhaps GOD is showing us that he is still in charge, and Terri was Murdered for the sake of inconvenience, by a Satanic Movement!

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Four Legged Angel Saves Abandoned Baby.

A stray dog In Nairobi Kenya found an abandoned baby in a trash bag tossed in a forest. She dragged the bag across a road and through a fence to where her litter of puppies were. The unknown, unclaimed Baby Girl weighed 7 pounds 4 oz.

She is in Kenyetta Hospital and doing well.Angel 3


Parents Required to Sign away rights to their Disabled Kids.

TheStar.com - Province forsakes parents of disabled


Ontario's parents of disabled kids are being told that for their kids to recieve the special care they need, parents have to sign on the dotted line, and give up all rights!

Families were once able to enter into special-needs agreements with Children's Aid Societies, giving them access to group homes and other special services without relinquishing custody .

But in the late 1990s, the then Conservative government cut off funding for new agreements. Instead, families had to turn to community agencies for help. Yet these agencies often lack the money and resources to support children with complex needs.

That has left some parents in a terrible bind: They can either cope as best they can on their own or give up custody to the Children's Aid Society.

Jeanette Niebler has a severely autistic son, she had put him in the care of Childrens Aid Society when he became a physical threat to his sisters. The funding that would have allowed Jeanette to keep him home wasn't there.

Dylan her son was placed in a home with round the clock care. She still retains custody, however in six months the agreement which was temporary will expire. Jeanette will be forced to relinquish custody, or bring him back home and somehow manage on her own, she is a single mother.

"If I have to give up custody forever, it will be the worst thing that ever happened to me, but at least Dylan gets the care he needs and we're all still alive," she says.

In 2001, two other families said they could not secure necessary care for their disabled children unless they agreed to make them wards of the Children's Aid Society.

Provincial ombudsman André Marin started with 6 cases and now has recieved dozens of complaints in the past 2 weeks.


Israeli court rules in favor of passive euthanasia

israelinsider: Briefs: Israeli court rules in favor of passive euthanasia

Yael Hirschorn has been suffering from muscular dystrophy for the past eight years. The illness has forced her to remain in bed and connected to a respiration machine at all times. Meanwhile, her only way to communicate with those around her is through the use of her eyelids.

Hirschorn's daughter petitioned the court and asked that her mother not be reconnected to the respiration machine once it is disconnected for regular cleaning.

District Court Judge Uri Goren accepted the request. His decision was based on the medical opinions offered by two doctors, who said Hirschorn’s disease is indeed terminal.

Jesus Banned from Development!

Bill Kriso, a disabled Vietnam veteran, grateful to the LORD, is showing his thanksgiving with a sign in his window. It says,

"Thank You Jesus For Our New Home."

Bill who still has a bullet in his head from the war, just bought a new home with his family. He has the relatively small sign on the inside window of his house, in an Elyria development. Management said To Take It Down.

Bill said other people have signs in their windows, like mothers day signs, and the developements bylaws make no such rules regarding signs other than "For Sale Signs".

Bill is so passionate about his statement of giving thanks he said,

"They can have my sign; they can take it down over my dead body," Kriso
said. "They're going to have to kill me to get that sign down. I mean

You Go Bill!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).
I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.
I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.
I would have talked less and listened more.
I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.
I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.
I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.
I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.
I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.
I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.
I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.
I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.
When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner."
There would have been more "I love you's." More "I'm sorry's."
But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute...look at it and really see it .. live it and never give it back.
Stop sweating the small stuff.
Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what.
Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us.
Let's think about what God HAS blessed us with.
And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally.
I hope you all have a blessed day.

Fla. Kills Kids Too?

Hat Tip: Real Choice

Was Florida Killing off kids, before moving onto adults?

Moesha or Mo-Mo as she calls herself was 2 years old Jan.11, 2001. This is the day she was admitted to Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boytin Beach, then transferred to Delray Medical Center's trauma unit the next day. She was unconscious with a swollen brain, bruised liver, broken bones and black-and-green welts. Some breaks and bruises were old — having been detected, though unexplained, during a monthlong stay at Miami Children's Hospital that had ended just weeks prior, with doctors and nurses pleading that DCF not release Moesha to her uninterested mother. The near-fatal injuries, investigators believe, had been caused by Moesha being held by her feet and shaken, possibly by her mother's boyfriend, though no one's been charged.

DCF asked for a DNR. Were they covering up their mistakes? It seems so.

Investigators wrote that Moesha's mother, Guerland Pierre-Louis, "appears as if she did not care about the child," rarely visiting the hospital or calling to check on her.

Investigators noted in a home study that there was no crib or anything else to indicate that a baby lived at Pierre-Louis' Lake Worth house.
Investigators also noted that Pierre-Louis could not explain Moesha's broken collarbone.

Investigators were told by the family of the patient in the adjacent hospital bed that Pierre-Louis spanked Moesha during her rare visits. Nurses told investigators that Moesha would cry whenever Pierre-Louis was around.

On the day Moesha was scheduled to go home, Pierre-Louis did not show up because she was, instead, trying to help her boyfriend get out of jail. Yet DCF let the girl leave with Pierre-Louis
-While arguements ensued over jurisdiction between Miami-Dade office or the Palm Beach County office Nobody checked on Moe.

Thats when she ended in Bethesda. Thats also when DCF asked for a DNR.

The girl DCF gave up on four years ago has been spending recent days in her wheelchair in Palm Beach County Courtroom 11B, as lawyers for DCF try to convince a jury that the agency should not have to pay for her continued medical care. Often referred to in DCF records as the "V/C," for "victim child," Moesha has been renamed Marissa Amora.

DCF's missteps were so obvious and horrific that a grand jury recommended the firing of nine DCF workers.

The Selfish Side of Homosexuality.
What about the children?

While I was reading this morning I ran across an article that mentioned Rosie O'Donnell. It made this Quote,
" Homosexual activist Rosie O'Donnell admitted on the show her son wishes he had a daddy, but Rosie brushed aside his concerns and told him he would become a dad when he grew up."

I thought How Selfish! Being a Dad and having a Dad are 2 entirely different things. This child will miss out on the bonding enrichment between father and son. His psychological make-up will be unprepared for the role of fatherhood, not having a role model. He will relive his childhood with his child, not neccessarily a bad thing, having a fun parent is great for kids, however, there is going to be a time where he will need to stand back and stop being the adult sibling and be the father. This is where the conflict will be.

It is bad enough these things take place in the heterosexual world, (children raised by single parents) boys growing up without a strong father figure in their life, struggle with being fathers, drawing the line between being the parent sibling, and the parent. The push to normalize homosexual relationships are further destroying the lives of children and future adults.
To make homosexuality normal is an attempt by some very selfish people to bend and shape the world for their own needs, rather then the needs of the ones they claim to love.

A hard look at some of the struggles that kids face, YOU DON'T HEAR ABOUT THESE ON THE NIGHTLY NEWS REPORTS.

Woman (23) California, heterosexual:.... parents divorced when "I was three, so
I’ve always known my mother as a lesbian.... I always knew what a lesbian was, and I always knew I had a choice as to what I would be.... My mom has
always been in the public eye. She’s a political activist... one of the founding
members of Ms magazine with Gloria Steinem.... I am doing some recovery work and I go to anonymous meetings and I’m not really anonymous. I don’t feel
comfortable in meetings where everyone knows my mother. Being known in that way is difficult.... When I was eight, my best friend was a girl called M. We did
everything together: played on the soccer team, the bowling team, stayed
overnight at each other’s houses nearly every night – everything. One night my
mom had a party, and M’s mother suddenly stormed in and tore M out of the house
and told M that she couldn’t be friends with me.... My mother suspects that M’s
mother saw two women kissing on the porch.... once in junior high school
my mother ask me to be on television with her, about something to do with gay
rights, and I said no. They ended up showing a photo of me anyway. A girl from
school, a real bully, saw the program and stood on the front steps of the school
and started screaming that my mother was a faggot....
My grandmother
"definitely doesn’t want me to be like [my mother].... I don’t want to have

Girl (7) California:.... "live with my mother now, but other
times I've lived with lots of women.... It seems like everyone who has a dad also has a brother or a sister. It seems like lesbian mothers usually have one kid.... I don’t tell other kids about my mom. At school it kind of bothers me because when we play or tell stories, there’s always a mom and a dad.... What really bothers me is when my friends come over and them they get into [asking me] if I know my dad. So I tell them no, not really.... I ask my mom about my dad but... you see, I wonder about him. I don't know where he is. I don’t think my mom knows either. It’s just hard to know that other kids have dads. Everybody else has a dad. I don’t know if I want to get married and I don’t know if I want to have kids."

Girl (10) Kansas City: ..."One day when I was about six, I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, and I looked in the bedroom and saw R and my mom sleeping together. The next day I was trying to hint at things because I
knew something was up. So I asked them if they wore underwear to bed. They couldn’t understand why I asked that. They said, ‘why do you want to know?’ They never told me either. They wouldn’t say anything about it.... I was sort of scared. It
felt funny. I didn't know if it was OK or not. And I didn’t feel comfortable
talking with them about it. I just found out they are gay, officially, two years
ago.... I never talk to my sister about it, because we don’t feel comfortable
talking about.... I consider this a really big secret. I don't feel like anyone
is trustworthy. I don’t think that if my best friend knew, she would ever come
over to spend the night….

Girl (10) San Francisco: ....lives "with my two moms… D… lives upstairs with her girlfriend. L lives downstairs and she works at a downtown job. I live both upstairs and downstairs. I didn’t know my dad until ... last year.... he lives with his lover Tim nearby.... Before I was born, L and D lived together, but after they broke up they decided they both needed their own space. I think they broke up before D was pregnant. D has a girlfriend now, and L said she might want to have a girlfriend soon... I have a sister who lives in New York. L had her a long time ago and she gave her up for adoption.... When I get older I might feel more comfortable telling people. Right now I don’t really know what would make things easier... When I grow up I want to be a writer.... Like I might take my turtle – his name is Speedy
Gonzales – and say that he has Playboy magazines under his shell and write a
story about that....
~Why is a 10 year old referencing playboy mag?~

Boy (12) Oakland:.....At my old school when I’d get sick, the nurse would say ‘Who’s this other person on your emergency card?’ I never answered, and I hoped she’d stop asking…. [He explains to the school chums that] one was my aunt. ... But it’s hard sometimes. I don't know what the kids would do if they knew.... When I was younger, I went to women’s festivals with my mother. There’s this kind of famous picture of me and my biological mom. She’s on stage with long hair and her breasts are hanging out and she’s got me in her arms. I always try to hide that picture,... It’s kind of embarrassing.

Woman (25) Massachusetts, homosexual experience: ...I was
having trouble spending the weekdays with lesbians, who discussed the evils of
the patriarchy and the value of women-only space, and then spending an orthodox
Shabbos with the other side of my family... I would cry upon leaving my mother’s
and I felt awkward in my father’s community. [Mom lost a custody battle, but]
When the verdict was announced, my mother and I tried to run out of the
courthouse, but everyone chased us and a huge fistfight ensued. Police officers,
lawyers, and lesbians were all yelling and punching each other in the lobby….I
was discouraged from having male friends, and any female friends were to be made aware that I lived in a lesbian household before I could have them over.... I
experienced separatism as a constant level of anger and negativity.... men were
called mutants, straight women were considered disowned sisters who wasted
woman-energy on men, and other lesbians were sometimes accused of being
government spies sent to infiltrate and undermine the community.
Anyone who was
not like us was evil...
[at age 14] I moved out and went to live in a lesbian
boarding house.... I also learned to fear the world’s judgment, to see
relationships as temporary, to be distrustful, and to withhold communication as
a means of self- protection and punishment…. I see evidence of how emotionally
detached I’ve become.… L and my mother… explained their parenting style by
saying that the patriarchy was pushing me hard in one direction, and they wanted
to counteract that pressure by pushing just as hard in the other. I’m lucky I
didn’t get squashed. I… was left with no appealing role models. I haven’t known
who or what to strive to become.... When I have kids, I hope to do some things
differently than she did…"

Girl (15) Florida: "I have a problem... my mom’s gay... this thing with my mom is a big deal for me.... most of the time it’s really great. It’s only when my mom embarrasses me or when ... the people at school – give me a hard time.... Sometimes I feel like my mom really looks different, like she doesn’t look like other moms to me. It’s the way she dresses. I feel like lesbianism just reeks off her… at school, people make jokes about dykes and fags... then there are the hard times, like when my mom had a lover move in with us, one that I did not like. They’re not together anymore,... she was really out, she had lesbian bumper stickers all over her car, and she looked like a dyke: I couldn’t stand it when she would try to hug my mom in
front of my friends!... Once I told my mom that she’d have to choose between me
and her lover... She said she wished I wouldn’t make her do that.
I couldn’t
believe that she didn’t just say, ‘oh, of course, I’d choose you.’ Now it was
one thing for her lover to move in with us, but it was another for her to go on
the Oprah Winfrey show and come out to the whole world without telling me first.
That’s how all my friends found out about her and my mom.... it got all over
school. That must have been one of the worst experiences of my life.
teased me and stuck mean notes in my locker….

Boy (10): at 9 "I really flipped out....I think if kids at school found out about my mom, they would tease me.... I went to the gay and lesbian parade. I saw men in women’s costumes and women in men’s costumes. It was weird. This made me confused.... It wasn’t fun for me to find out my mom was a lesbian."

This one is confusing, if you can keep up...

Girl (7) adopted Indian girl: "My family is L, my mother, and Z, my other mother... and A, who is L’s lover.... Sometimes all the moving gets confusing... I used to have two lesbian mothers, but now I only have one…. Because Z isn’t a lesbian anymore.... Z has a boyfriend now.... I say daddies are as dumb as bubble gum. I like L
being with A because I get to snuggle with them in the nighttime....
might get married. I might not like men. I might be a lesbian. I might like to be with both, I don’t really know yet. There are a lot of choices."

Girl (7) adopted, sister of girl above:
"When I was a little girl my two moms were lovers; then they broke up. Then L
fell in love with someone else. Now L is lovers with A. Z is lovers with a
man.... all my friends know I have two moms, but some of them think that one of
them is my mom and one of them is my sister’s mom. But that’s not true. Both of
them are my moms..... I don’t want to have a father.... When we were little we
used to go back and forth and back and forth all the time, but now we stay at
each house longer and it’s much better. It used to be exhausting….I don’t know if I want to be a lesbian."

Girl (15), Michigan, heterosexual, with gay father and lesbian mother:...it’s hard having two gay parents, ...At first, I thought my mom would love me more if I was gay....

Woman (21) student from New York City, bisexual: When I was seven my "mother called me and T, my brother, into her bedroom. We saw A – the woman who had moved into our apartment two week before – lying next to mother in the queensize bed. Mother rolled onto her side and said "I want you to know that A and I are lesbians. ...Mother could never stay tied down that long. She changed lovers every year to eighteen months. We moved a lot because mother always lived with her lovers.... Every year she apologized for being a lesbian, for making us keep her secret, and for changing lovers like shelf paper...

Boy (10) Florida: "I have a lot of friends who are lesbian.... When I visit my dad he always says that it’s wrong for my mom to be a lesbian.… He says he hates C and that he doesn’t like my mother very much…. No one at school knows about my mom. I think my friends would feel pretty bad if they knew…. I went to the Southern Music festival with my mom... I see a lot of naked women there...

Woman (19) student in Wisconsin, heterosexual:...Growing up is hard enough thing to do, and I sometimes resented my mother for making it harder.... none of what I did mattered, because of what my mother ‘had become,’ boys thought my mother was reason enough not to date me...

Man (27), heterosexual with homosexual experience: "Lesbians
should not fill their children with their own fears and hatred. I say this after
considering the causes of needless pain in my past, and my troubles
understanding the present....I met lesbian friends of my mother’s who also had
kids.... I do recall our wishing our mothers were more attentive to us than to
each other. We kids would get together and have sex, males or females in any
combination – unbeknownst to our parents...Since my parents had sex with the
same sex (my mother with other women, my stepfather with me
I had not
understood that homosexuality was wrong. Also, at the time I couldn’t figure out
my own sexuality, because I was having sex with people of both sexes...I was
being exposed to damaging experiences... I was twelve at the time – would be
left with other lesbians who said horrible things to us. I distinctly remember a
woman telling me, ‘you are a most despicable thing on earth because you are
nothing but a future man’.... for me, this kind of hatred ruined my life....

Girl (6) San Francisco, result of artificial insemination: "I found out
that my mom is a lesbian the first time I went to a gay and lesbian parade. I
was about four…. I really want to know him [her father]... Sometimes they [kids]
tease me about it because all of them have dads... They think that one of my
mom’s is a fake mom.... I’m different than all the other kids in my class....
I’m the only kid in school with a lesbian mother... Sometimes I get called names
like ‘No-Dadhead’ and that makes me feel bad….

Girl (13) San Francisco: "I told people [at school] I didn’t have a dad, and they started laughing... none of those kids know about my mothers.... If it did get around, I think I would be treated differently because of my mom’s sexuality.... …. it’s really hard for kids of lesbians… I don’t know if I’m gay or straight, but I don’t feel
pressure to be either way.... I’ve liked most of the women that my mom has been
in relationships with…. right now I need more attention than she is giving me….
I spend one weekend a month with one woman, and another one I see two times a
week. Sometimes I wish there was a second person in the house so
when my mom goes out there would be someone else to watch me."

Girl (5), North Carolina:..... some friends ask me questions about my moms, and I get embarrassed and scared to answer. And sometimes I’m mad that I don’t have brothers and sisters."

Girl (13) Hawaii: ...... some kids at school have teased me about my mother being gay, and this makes me mad.... because of my mother’s work [edits a gay newsletter] we’ve received crank calls.... It’s scary, and for this reason I sometimes wish my mother was straight. And it’s difficult to bring people to the house.

Woman (39) California, homosexual: "In my memories, I’m always looking
for my mother and finding her with women doing things I don’t understand...
Sometimes they blame me for opening a door that wasn’t even locked.... [at about
the age of 10] I noticed a door that I hadn’t yet opened. Inside I saw a big
bed. My mother sat up suddenly and stared at me. She was with B... and then B
shouted, ‘you fucking sneaking brat’... my mother never said a word.... my mother showed me that lesbianism is a possibility."

Girl (9): "My biological mother is S and my other mother is L....Once in a while I wish my dad was in my life, because I never knew him as my father…. Sometimes I get angry because I can’t tell anybody about my mom. The kids at school would laugh.... they say awful things about lesbians... then they make fun of me.… having lesbian mothers is nothing to laugh about. ... I have told my [mother] that she has made my life difficult."

Boy (14) London, heterosexual: "Mum...used [a man as a donor]." ...I
missed having a relationship with a man when I was growing up…. then I do wish I had my Dad around more….

Boy (12), Brighton, England: Mother was artificially inseminated by a gay man. "Mum... has had several girlfriends in my lifetime.... I don’t go around saying that I’ve got two mums…. The kids at school were asking me whether I’d got a dad. I wanted S to come… so that they could see that I did…. [Mum’s sister is also a lesbian.]… If we are sitting in a restaurant eating, she’ll say, ‘I want you to know about all these sex things.’ And she’ll go on about everything, just shouting it out.... sometimes when mum embarrasses me, I think, ‘Oh god I wish I had a dad.’… Been to every Gay Pride march. Last year, while attending "we went up to a field to play
football, when two men came up to us. One of them started touching me. We just
ran. I didn’t want to go this year because of that"

Woman (20) from London, sexual preference uncertain: "All my life I’ve lived in a communal household.... At the moment I live with my dad, T, L, and S." Mother split up with dad when she was 2, and died when she was 5. "because my Dad’s gay, I’ve also had the added benefit of a positive experience of homosexuality…. I feel comfortable with gay men and can enjoy myself at Gay Pride…. His homosexuality influenced me to question my sexuality more than I might have

Woman (19) from Scotland, heterosexual: Father was pastor, became gay when she was aged 11, divorced his wife. Respondent went to live with him at age 16. "It was a difficult time for me. I used to find myself crying, mostly because of the responsibility of knowing my Dad was gay…At the moment, I’m heterosexual…. Being a father isn’t great for my Dad’s image…. When we go together to the supermarket and I call him Dad, he tries to shush me up… He’s serious when he says that… He thinks men won’t look at him if they know he’s got a daughter…

Woman (21) homosexual:....… The court welfare officer wrote that I was idolizing my mother and that I was gay because Mum was…I was also extremely heterosexually promiscuous. That was the way I coped at the time... I was very lonely, made suicide attempts... I used to self-mutilate...

Woman (24) heterosexual: Both parents were homosexual. "our family life wasn’t great. There were a lot of arguments and we were always going to family counseling…. I wanted my father to be that perfect dad that all the other kids have. I didn’t want a dad who’s different, who’s gay and who sleeps with men…. On top of everything else that made me different, I suddenly had two gay parents. It was just about tolerable to have one gay parent, but not two. The whole thing embarrassed me. I felt angry with both of them… I wanted to punish and hurt her…. [Mom and her current partner J] talk to me about my life, ask me why I want to get married…. [Respondent moved out on her own when she was 16, butI had to live with my mother for a month, and that helped me learn an awful lot about the lesbian lifestyle. When I learned that both my parents were gay, what I needed to clarify was whether I am gay…. I think she’d be quite chuffed [i.e., pleased] if I
turned around and said, ‘Mum I’ve met a woman.’… She always tries it on, ‘K, why don’t you try women?’… I think she’d be quite pleased if I did…. [Her mother’s]
become an ardent feminist… She’s become anti-men…. I used to not say anything
until I had to. I’ve found that it’s like a big secret that I’m keeping."

Woman (19) Brighton, England, heterosexual, single mother: Mother became
lesbian and divorced her father at age 3. Her stepmother "abused" her. "My
sexuality isn’t influenced by my Mum’s at all. My Mum encouraged us to have
relationships, but she didn’t mind whether it was with boys or girls.... My
parents are liberals. They’ve been easy about me having sexual relationships
with my boyfriends. As a result, here I am with a baby at the age of nineteen!… I wish that my parents had been stricter. I didn’t get any messages
from them that what I was reading or hearing was wrong….

Woman (20) bisexual: Mother married a man, he turned out to be gay. She married again, and the new man was gay – the father of the respondent. "When I was about ten, Daddy came to look after us in the flat which Mummy went away on a retreat. Daddy brought a beautiful young man with him who was about twenty. At the time, my Dad was forty. There were in bed together when I came in…. [Mother became a lesbian. One of her lovers] used to stay the night and I got annoyed with her prancing around in the morning without her clothes on. I didn’t actually want to see her body. It felt like she was taking liberties in my house…. I wasn’t interested in boys at all.... I kept trying to proselytize little girls, saying it’s all right to be gay.

There is this recurrent theme I keep seeing, The CHOICE in being gay, the hardcore feminism,- very man hating, and the struggles, pain and embarrassment that kids go through because of their parents. Alot of them silently scream, they can't talk about it.

Further research found a report by Dr. Sotirios Sarantakos, an associate professor of sociology in Australia, who ran an investigation comparing the school performance of 58 children who were being raised by homosexual couples with children being raised by 58 married and 58 cohabiting parents.

In language skills,
“the average score of the children of homosexual couples in all items of
assessment was lower than the average of the children of the other two groups,
and it was more pronounced in the areas of verbal skills, vocabulary and
composition” (Sarantakos, p. 24). On a 9 point scale the children of marrieds
scored 7.7, the children of cohabiting heterosexuals 6.8, and the children of
homosexuals 5.5.

In mathematics
“the children of homosexual couples in the area of problem solving was
satisfactory (6.9), their score in basic mathematical skills was 5.6 (which is
below the average score of all students of 7.1); and their ability in doing
operations was lower still, their score being 4.9, while the average score of
all students was 6.5” (p. 25). As with language skills, the overall scores were
7.9, 7.0, and 5.5 respectively.

In social studies,
the children “of homosexual couples tend to perform slightly better
than the children of the other two groups. The teachers reported that their
interest in social issues and their involvement in projects related to social
studies were very strong, their knowledge and comprehension of relevant issues
above average, and the quality of their work relatively high... their average
scores [were] 7.6, 7.3, and 7.0 for the children of homosexual couples, married
couples and cohabiting couples respectively....

The interest and involvement in sport activities...
with the children of heterosexual cohabiting couples following closely the
children of married couples, and with children of homosexual couples far behind
[scores were 8.9, 8.3, & 5.9 respectively].... children of homosexual
couples did not express an interest in group sport to the same degree as other
children; secondly, because of their ‘rather passive’ orientation to sport; and,
thirdly, because of the type of sport interests they chose to pursue — when they
did so.... the teachers added that many children avoided involvement in group
activities of any kind, including group work in class and project work in teams,
preferring to work alone; they were considered by their teachers to be
‘introverts’ and ‘loners.’ Experiences in their personal and family life were
thought to have motivated them to avoid working with and relying on others, and
to mistrust other children — in the case of children of lesbians, males in
particular (p. 25).

The classwork behavior of all children was similar....
while the teacher was present. In this sense,... these children were not
different. Nevertheless, more children of homosexual couples were reported to be
timid, reserved, unwilling to work in a team, unwilling to talk about family
life, holidays and about out-of-school activities in general, to feel
uncomfortable when having to work with students of a sex different to the parent
they lived with, and to be characterized as loners and as introverts. To a
certain extent these feelings were reciprocated by a number of the students in
class, who preferred not to work with them, to sit next to them, or work
together on a project (p. 25).
In most cases children of homosexual couples
ended up being by themselves, skipping rope or drawing, while the others were
involved in team sport. In extreme cases, they have been ridiculed by the other
children for some personal habits or beliefs, or for the sexual preferences of
their parents.... The averages of sociability scores for the three groups of
children, as reported by the teachers, were 7.5 for the children of married
couples, 6.5 for the children of cohabiting couples and 5.0 for the children of
homosexual couples;...
When two or three children of homosexual parents were
attending the same school, and if they happened to know about their family
circumstances (and in most cases they did), they tended to group together and to
spend their time inside and outside the class together. Such incidents were
reported to ‘make these kids happier’, but also to generate negative reactions
on the part of the other school children.... Another point raised by many
teachers is that children of homosexual parents,... tend to be more overly
polite and formal, careful in their behaviour and actions, generally distant,
and to show stronger feelings of respect to authority,...

The children of homosexuals were more frequently reported to have
identity problems
. “Girls of gay fathers were reported to demonstrate
more ‘boyish’ attitudes and behavior than girls of heterosexuals parents. Most
young boys of lesbian mothers were reported to be more effeminate in their
behaviour and mannerisms than boys of heterosexual parents.... In general,
children of homosexual couples were described by teachers as more expressive,
more effeminate (irrespective of their gender) and ‘more confused about their
gender’.... (p. 26) Assessment: The Sarantakos material lends weight to the
belief that being raised by homosexuals leads to gender role confusion in their
children. ...........

Sarantakos’ Conclusions
Family environments of married
couples may be more positive, supportive, rich, rewarding, secure and guiding
than the family environments of cohabiting heterosexual and homosexual couples.
(p. 29)

Overall Assessment: Relative to married couples’ children,
the children of homosexuals appeared to be disadvantaged — and in ways that
concern society. While they appeared to be reasonably well behaved in school,
they also appeared to have done less well academically in the more important
subjects — language and mathematics.

Further — possibly because of lesser parental involvement —
homosexual couples’ children seem to more frequently desire to abandon schooling
to ‘escape’ from their parental home. Their motivation to form their own
households as rapidly as possible may be related to the facts that they suffer
in interactions with peers, are often socially isolated, are not infrequently
called names, and sometimes have their own sexuality questioned.
couples’ children did better than the children of homosexuals in almost every

The Sarantakos study provides an independent test of the homosexual parenting
question. Sarantakos apparently was unaware of this dispute, and it appears that
both sides in the U.S. and Great Britain were equally unaware of Sarantakos.
This ‘hidden study’ turns out to have important implications for the homosexual
parenting debate.

1. Sarantakos S. Children in three contexts: family, education and social development. Children Australia 1996; 21:23-31.2.
Cameron P. Homosexual parents: testing “common sense.” Psych Reports 1999; 85:282-322.

The Sarantakos Report was filed but never cited. It was considered "The Hidden Report" Sarantakos published his results in the obscure journal- Children Australia in 1996.

One Paper from France, which writes from a pro- homosexual perspective cites,
"watch out for those troublesome teenage years. "Early adolescence is going
to be a rough spot and probably a little more so than for the general
population. This is because early adolescents are so rigidly sex-role
stereotyped. Junior high schools in North America are filled with some of the
most ‘butch’ and ‘femme’ people around." If parents are different from the
societal sex-role stereotype, says Gonsiorek, "it might be difficult for a while
- but most kids get through that. I think the challenge for gay and lesbian
parents is not to overreact. Because no matter how a parent might be different,
the child will have a problem with it..."

Surviving this period may be like walking a tightrope, says Gonsiorek -
"responding to it without overreacting to it. The parent should be mindful that
the child may be doing it because it works and not necessarily because of the
lesbian/gay content issue. But at the same time, the child may have realistic
difficulties having a gay and/or lesbian parent, mainly because of their peer

" It’s psychologically-maturing for the child when he or she realizes
that what the adult world has to offer is complicated shades of grey."

Unfortuneately Our world is full of grey, where as most issues are Black and White. Right and Wrong. The homosexuals would have you believe in NO MORAL ABSOLUTES.

Not even citing the Biblical references on the issue, I will cite a Natural one, "Everything in Nature is Balanced. Everything in Nature reproduces "Naturally". From the trees, to the grasses, to Single Cell Amoebas, to birds and wildlife. Life goes on "naturally." If the whole world were homosexual, there would be NO world. There would Be NO Reproduction without intervention. Two Men, or Two Women cannot "naturally" reproduce.

Lifesite had a special report citing the problems encountered with homosexual couples and children.
"According to The Canadian Psychological Association
"studies have shown almost no difference in sexual preference or in psychosocial
development for children of same-sex parents." On what basis did the Association
reach such a conclusion? Certainly, it could not have looked at recent findings
in social science journals to reach this conclusion. If the Association had
troubled itself to look at the current literature, it would have, in all
decency, been disturbed by their conclusions, and, with professional integrity,
issued quite a different statement.According to the American Journal of Diseases
of Children and The Advocate, close to 60% of adolescent AIDS sufferers were
infected by adult bisexual and homosexual men. Thousands of these American boys are now dead. The same is probably true for other western countries like Canada,
where many young runaway boys end up prostituting themselves for men.

According to a paper published by Professor Bradley P.
Hayton, there are serious concerns about the effects of a homosexual lifestyle
on children. Professor Hayton states:Homosexuals... model a poor view of
marriage to children. They are taught by example and belief that marital
relationships are transitory and most sexual in nature. Sexual relationships are
primarily for pleasure rather than procreation. And they are taught that
monogamy in a marriage is not the norm [and] should be discouraged if one wants
a good 'marital' relationship. The reason that same-sex parenting is detrimental
to the well being of children is due to several factors:

1. Higher Incidence of Violence
2. Higher Incidence of Mental Health Problems
3. Reduced Life Expectancy
4. Higher Incidence of Same-sex Orientation
5. Greater Risk of Sexual Involvement with Parents
6. Greater Risk of Social or Psychological Problems
7. Higher Incidence of Child Molestation

It appeaars that schools attempts at normalizing this dangerous behaviour are doing so to make things easier and permissivve for all those involved. By calling something wrong, "Right" does not change the fact that it is wrong. Morally, Physically, Naturally and Biblically.