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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jacksonville Man in Life and Death Tug-of-War Ala Terri Schindler

LEGALIZED MURDER! Fla with the help of Michael Schiavo and george's felos and greer has helped to make murder legal in the U.S.

After Terri ended up Brain Damaged due to Mysterious Circumstances, her husband with the help of a lot of questionable people, under questionable circumstances, with questionable connections to each other had her holed away in a little room until he had her legally murdered.

It is Happening again, in the same State.

Scott Thomas, Smiles, cries, responds, and watches people. He is NOT terminally Ill.

Scott, 34, suffered severe head injuries and brain damage in a highly suspicious incident at his Jacksonville home in early September when his wife, Eliza, 29, a Polish immigrant, says that he fell down in the kitchen striking his head.

Scott and Eliza married shortly after 911 when imigrants were being deported in a major sweep. Soon theresfter he started getting sick every few months or so. Doctors couldn't find a reason however they never ran tox screens on him.

His Mother wanted another doctor called in to do toxin tests but his wife didn't seem to care what happened to him.

Then in september while recovering from another bout with his mysterious illness he "Allegedly fell and hit his head.

“There was nothing for him to strike his head on”, his mother says. She says that the blow to her son’s head was so severe it knocked his brain to one side. ‘The doctors say that his injuries are not consistent with such a fall and believe the severe head trauma was caused by a blow to the head.

No police report has been filed. Although doctors initially suspected foul play, after speaking with Eliza and her telling them that he had tripped over his dog and fallen, the hospital did not report the incident to police.

He cannot communicate verbally but has learned hand signals, eyebrow signals and forms words with his lips.

His Mother said, "he is cognizant and the doctors have tested him, receiving correct responses about where he lives, where he went to school and other information. They have devised trick questions and phrased the questions to rule out that his responses are not simply involuntary responses."

Eliza , his wife has removed his pictures from her home and has not allowed his mother to see her grandson. She then informed the hospital to deny the mother any information regarding Scotts Care.

Scott has communicated to nusing staff that Eliza was responsible for his state, meaning "She tried to Kill Him!"

His mother had temporary guardianship, but now Eliza is filing for permanent guardianship. His Mother has asked Dr. William Hammesfahr to consult.

According to the Empire Journal,
"Despite fingers of suspicion being pointed at Eliza, Judge Wilkes has
allowed her to have unsupervised visitation of Scott but Scott has communicated
to the nursing staff that he does not want to see her. He has indicated he wants
to see his son but Eliza has refused, unless she can accompany the child on the

Scott’s mother said that one of her son’s doctors has told them in October,
Eliza had contacted a hospice and unsuccessfully tried to have Scott moved there
without notification to his family. She has stated that it is her intent to move
him to the hospice and have his feeding tube withdrawn, causing his death by
starvation and dehydration in the same manner as Terri Schindler-Schiavo.
Although he can swallow on his own, there are concerns of aspiration and thus
the feeding tube."

According to Scott’s mother, the hospice where Eliza is planning to move Scott is the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Inc., the hospice where Sen. James King (R-Jacksonville) is director emeritus and former executive board member.

Senator King is the one who introduce the bill regarding food and water, making it "A Medical Treatment rather than Life Sustanence" and brought the death with dignity bill to Fla.


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