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Friday, May 13, 2005

Tiller the Killer Strikes Again?

HT; Pro-Life Blogs
Wednesday Morning brought another ambulance to Tillers abortion clinic in Witchita Ks. Emt worked 90 minutes, giving care to a woman there, before transporting her , to where noone knows. It was reported by area prolifers that the ambulance drove past the hospital E.R. and disappeared.

Another woman died at Tillers clinic in January.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill (HB 2503) that would have provided minimum safety requirements at abortion clinics .

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said, "Sebelius is well aware that these mills are unsafe, but she cares more for protecting her large political campaign contributor, Tiller, and less about protecting the lives of women."

The Kansans lawmakers also failed to override her veto.