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Monday, May 16, 2005

Police Probe in Scott Thomas Case
We don't want another Terri Schindler!

The Jacksonville, Fla. Sheriff’s Department has an open investigation in the case of the Jacksonville man who suffered serious head injuries and brain damage last September.

His wife, Eliza, 29, a Polish immigrant has petitioned the court to move her husband to a hospice and remove his feeding tube to cause his death although he is making progress towards recovery.

According to the Empire Journal,
The Justice Coalition, a crime victims advocacy group, entered the case Monday
after Coalition president and founder Ted M. Hires met with Pamela Patton,
Scott’s mother, and Volusia County Sheriff John Rutherford.
Ann Dugger, executive director of the Justice Coalition, said that an investigator
for the sheriff’s department has confirmed that the matter is under

Meanwhile The Schindlers have contacted Scotts Wife and asked that she reconsider.
Terri Father said, the dehydration and starvation endured by Terri was anything but peaceful or painless.
“The suffering our daughter endured and her death over the course of
nearly two weeks was horrific.”

Ms. Patton Scotts Mother is currently pursuing neurological testing and treatment.
According to Scotts Mother, her son speaks a limited vocabulary, gives affirmative and negative hand signals and has successfully answered personal questions of where he lives, where he attended school .

Mrs. Thomas, however, has reportedly stated that her intention is to move her husband to the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida and seek the authority to direct the removal of his gastric feeding tube, causing his death by dehydration and starvation! ~How Cold!~