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Friday, May 13, 2005

4 Pictures of Ultrasounds in 4D Technology! Amazing!

Since I didn't do a spotlight article this week, ( I wasn't altogether there, and Blogger was acting wiggy all week), I thought I would just post these in a followup to PRC Article of last week. This is what the goal of the PRC's are. To open the Window to the Womb, and offer up all the care and support they can to the woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. These Pictures have helped to stop abortion. We Need More of these machines, and more of the PRC'S. The Power of Pictures Help perspective Fathers to Bond with their child before they are born. (Mother do it naturally throughout the pregnancy).
In Addition It will help couples in the grieving process when they do miscarry. Because of the clump of cells lie, to many people cannot always come to terms with the loss, they were told it wasn't a baby. They feel guilty grieving a baby lost at 12 weeks. The ensuing confusion , you want to grieve but feel you cannot because of the Lie. You are told, "well it was so small, it wasn't really a baby yet." I feel this technology will bring closure to the grieving family as well as shut up the Naysayers.

4D Yawning Posted by Hello

4D-Sleeping Posted by Hello

4D- Grasping Posted by Hello