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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Damn Sodomites! 'Little Black Book' teaches kids 'gay' sex

They're at it again! They just can't leave the kids alone! On April 30, The Brookline High School had an event by the sodomites (glsen) that featured "PORNOGRAPHY" under the guise of homo education.

They handed out a booklet to kids ages 12-17 (Middle school / high school kids) called "The Little Black Book."

It featured descriptions on fisting ( don't remember that one? Go to Google and type the word "FISTGATE" into the search engine), on condoms, complete with pictures, and even gave out info on where the "queer" bars and clubs are located.

These are Kids! They can't go to bars and clubs!

The book does give mention to abstaining from risky sex, followed by the statement" But Much How Fun Is That?"

The issue has become so politicized and hot button that even Pro-Fanily churches are afraid to speak out. Anyone who dares offer alternative viewpoints or common sense are intimidated, and called names, a favored tactic by the extremist sodomites!

Meanwhile the government in Mass. is all supportive of them. ( What do you expect from Kennedy's Backyard?!)

This is an extremely dangerous situation to be putting kids into. The people who are in position to stop it are doing NOTHING!

Rumor has it Gov. Jim Romney (r) has his sites set on a White House run in 2008. Let's not forget what he hasn't done for the kids when he had the chance!