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Monday, May 23, 2005

Judge orders Defendant 7 months pregnant to forgo attorney Tossed her in Jail!

Genia Shockome had met her Texas-born husband in Russia and they were married in Moscow in 1996.
2001 She Filed for Divorce and custody. In 2003 she got custody, but the Judge, Damian J. Amodeo.
reversed himself, awarding custody to the father and ordering that she could only see the children under strictly supervised visits. He claimed that she denigrated the father in front of the children.

Barry Goldstein, Shockome’s former attorney who left the case due to medical reasons, says that “in the divorce proceeding she testified that her husband forced her to participate in group sex and that he refused to change the children’s diapers because he became sexually arouse---charges which he never denied”.

a court appointed investigator found that Shockome’s husband had physically sexually and verbally abused her throughout the marriage that Shockome suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result.

Genia who is currently 7 months pregnant (and is having medical complications) by her new husband, was tossed in Jail, when she challenged he Judge, for misrepresenting her case. She had requested another attorney, and the Judge "Damian Amodeo Said "NO! You continue Pro Se!" (She challenged and got tossed!)

A review of the ongoing case seems to indicate that it’s the judge that’s making a mockery of the system, failing to recuse himself although having a well-documented bias and conflict of interest in the case.

She was appearing before him on Friday, May 7 objecting to his latest order which permits her alleged abuser to move to Texas, taking the couple’s children, Alexander, 10 and Victoria, 8.

Genia is a 3 time Gold Medalist in NYS!

Although he removed custody from her, the judge admitted that Genia, who earns $65,000 annually, had “provided them with good, wholesome and beneficial care”. The judge also acknowledged numerous contradictions in the father’s statements before the court. Amodeo said he believed that Genia had lied about her husband’s abuse even though he had been arrested for violating an order of protection and was jailed in 2001 for harassing her.

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