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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Murder by abortion, on wrong baby. Disabled baby Lived.

Italy Investigates Botched Abortion of Healthy Twin, Disabled Brother Lives

I have said it many times about abortion.
How many Downs Babies do you see anymore? How about Dwarves? Or Disabilities?

Abortion is nothing more then Population Control and Eugenics in a new skin.

Drs. have routinely, over the decades told woman to abort if they suspected there was a problem with the Baby.
Many a woman have refused only to discover their was NOTHING WRONG with their babies.
Many have refused instead to rely on GOD's strength to see them thru.

In any event this recent article about a wrong abortion should open some peoples eyes ( although I doubt it will) to the truth behind abortion.

Officials in Italy are investigating a botched abortion done on twin brothers where the healthy brother became the victim of the abortion and the twin, who has Down syndrome, lived. The disabled brother was the target of the abortion procedure and the case is raising the ugly specter of abortions done to kill disabled people.


After doctors realized their mistake, they notified the woman in question. She returned to the hospital to have the disabled baby aborted as well and then reported the doctors to the police.

The case has cause some in the political scene to call for a review of the nation's abortion laws.

"What happened in this hospital was not a medical abortion but an abortion done for the purposes of eugenics," said Senator Paola Binetti.
Christian Democrat politician Luca Volonte also denounced the failed abortion as "infanticide arising from a contempt for human life."

Back in March another Baby Died as a result of a botched abortion, but there was nothing wrong with him.

Doctors at the teaching hospital Careggi performed two ultrasounds on the boy and his mother and they said he had a defective esophagus. That's a disorder that surgery could have corrected after birth in some cases.

However, when they went to abort the baby boy, they discovered he was healthy and desperately tried to resuscitate him.

The boy was born health and lived for six days following the failed abortion, which was done at 22 weeks into the pregnancy.

It is for this reason I refused an AFP test ( which gave high #'s of false positives and negatives). I told the nurses I was not taking it and would take my chances. All the while they tried to convince me that It would be good somehow to know and then I could abort if it showed a problem....

My Child was born just fine thanx, and to all those who did not get it, it is Called... "RELYING ON MY FAITH IN GOD."


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