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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Forensics Could Play Role In Jacksonville Guardianship Case

Scott Thomas is facing execution ala Terri Schindler. Scotts wife wants him dead, starved and dehydrated! Scotts mother Wants her son to live. Scott is NOT Termnal, is NOT on a Ventilator or respirator! Scott is however Brain-Injured from mysterious circumstances. His wife Eliza wants him put in a hospice, wants his "G"-Tube removed and put to death the same way Terri was.

Scotts Mother currently has guardianship that needs to be reviewed on June 3, 2005. She could loose, simply because "spousal law" triumps "Best Interest, parental concern."

It may be in Scotts best interest to stay with his mother, who has Provided for his rehab, something his wife has refused to do. His mother has provided for his all around care, something his wife has refused to do.

Scott wants nothing to do with his wife, who like Michael Schiavo is committing adultery.

His mother says Scott is cognizant and the doctors have tested him, receiving correct responses about where he lives, where he went to school and other information. They have devised trick questions and phrased the questions to rule out that his responses are not simply involuntary responses.

Scotts Mother is now using Forensic Technology to prove that Scott had been poisoned prior to his lastest hospitalization.
For months shortly after his marriage, Scott would become mysteriously ill. No Toxicology test were ever done, altho Drs. could never pinpoint why he was suddenly taken ill.

His mother has saved a lock of his hair to be tested for toxins.
Like a true life Forsenic Files Program, We will see the 6 month build up on his hair shaft. If he was poisoned with in 6 months of his last hospitalization it will show up in the hair shaft. Like rings on a tree, the hair saves information of what goes on in the body.