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Monday, April 16, 2007

Abortion: The Morally Correct Thing to Do?

Now I am sure we are living in End Times!

When we fire a man for speaking words, that has the "Percieved Potential" of hurting someones feelings. and yet we advocate Murder as a "Loving and Morally Correct "thing to do!


I say Percieved Potential simply because they are words not directed at anyone in general but at a group as a whole, and as Mother would say sticks and stones ,baby!
I said before , If he called them Spotted Aliens from Venus would they have gotten angry? Would the hypocrits Sharpton and Jackson have a leg to stand on?
So... if it aint true and you are not defaming their character whats the problem?
Rappers say the word Nigga all the Time, Right? They call women Ho's and Bitches. The hypocrits need to look at the LOG IN THEIR OWN EYE!

Anyway, Back to this moral dilemma.

This woman writes that she wants Abortion to be accepted in the same easy vein as picking out a pair of socks.
In Fact she said she had a "Harder Decision deciding what to wear, then deciding to kill her baby".

She cries how another child would take time away from her existing children, her husband, and would most certainly kill her career.

To Quote her:
In short, while I am now packing something just short of the contraceptive equivalent of Trident, if I ever did have to have an abortion again, I would like to think that it would be something unlikely to provoke a moral dilemma in anyone, least of all me. I would like to see a time when abortion is considered an intelligent, logical, humble, compassionate thing to do.
I would like abortion to be considered as, perversely, one of the ultimate acts of good mothering.
I have one thing to say to any woman who does NOT want to raise kids:

SEX is the REASON for Children. IF you Don't Want them, Then DON'T DO IT!
(or at least get some birth control)

You can read the whole thing here.
There is a link at the bottom if you want to get into a Debate with these people!

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