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Friday, May 13, 2005

CBR Strikes at Fla with Anti-Abortion Billboard

HT; Hidden Nook

Residents of an Orlando neighborhood say a new billboard goes way too far with its anti-abortion message. The big sign shows graphic images of an aborted fetus. Parents say it should not be displayed along a residential street.

The billboard shows large pictures of a fetus, torn into pieces and covered in blood. The targets of the message are women headed to the EPOC abortion clinic just blocks away on Virginia Drive.

EPOC is the Clinic that Baby ROWAN Died at when he was Born ALIVE!

Planned Parenthood of Florida said "the billboard a misleading, deceitful, and cruel scare tactic directed at woman and children."

No it isn't. It is the TRUTH! My Child seen them when she was 7 years old. She isn't scared by it. She is angered that a Mother would do such a thing to a child!

I think all the Lies of PP are about to dry up and they are the ones who are SCARED!

Read it Here and Here