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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Inmate's liver may work, lawyers say

Pandora box. I opened it this week. I was requested to do some research on organ donation. After I spend the day reading, copying , writing, I posted my article and went to bed. Now it all seems to be flowing my way. Everyday I have something thrown at me from "Forces Unknown" having to do with this subject. More reading, More writing, More Research. This morning I ran across this headline in the online news sources I read Daily.

Suffice to say, If this mans sister is indeed of need of a liver, and her brother can provide, What better way to redeem himself, before the state puts him to death , pwermanently.

Death Row inmate Gregory Scott Johnson's liver could be used to save the life of his ailing sister, his lawyers said.

Indiana State Prison staff on Wednesday drew nine vials of blood from Johnson, Tests show he and Otis share the same uncommon blood type, B-positive, Kraus said. That's critical, doctors say, because it means Johnson's liver would likely be suitable for donation to Otis.

How this once caring young man grew up to be a murderer, is beyond comprehension, however it is without merit as far as his being able to save abnothers life is concerned. REDEMPTION FOR SIN!

With the chances of his dying thru a liver transplant being 1:300 and the fact that the state has condemned him to death anyway, why not?