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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Oklahoma Passes the Most Significant Pro-Life Bill to Date

With a vote of 95 to 3 House Bill 1686 passed Thursday. The bill now goes to Governor Brad Henry to await his signature.

The measure would establish three new laws in Oklahoma, protecting the unborn and affirming Oklahoma’s pro-life values:

An informed consent law, originally introduced as the Women’s Right to Know Act by House Republicans in January. The measure requires that women be given all pertinent information about fetal development, the potential consequences of abortion, and the gestational age of the unborn child at least 24 hours before receiving an abortion.

A parental notification provision, originally introduced as the Family Protection Act by House Republicans, requiring that parents be informed before an abortion can be performed on a minor.

A “Laci Peterson” law, originally introduced as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. The measure would allow prosecutors to charge criminals with the death or injury of an unborn child.

While I would add this is a step in the right direction, We need to bring it closer. Unfortuneately, bills won't stop abortion. Education and getting to the hearts of men and women will.

The prolife community needs more pics, more education, and we need to get together to counteract the lies of PPFA, which has gone in another direction , instead of arguing now it is a clump of cells they are taking the feminist lead of "until it breathes" and "It's a womans decision, it's her life" Campaign.

From their website:
"....Today, some people sincerely believe that being a person begins when the
egg is fertilized. Some, just as sincerely, believe that it begins with birth.
And lots of others believe it begins somewhere in between.

What we are
all sure about is that a pregnant woman is a person. We know for sure that she
has morals, feelings, human needs, and a conscience. Because of this, we know
that she is the only one able to make a decision about her pregnancy options.
She does it based on her own needs, ethics, and religious belief about when
being a person begins. It would be wrong to force her to observe someone else's
religious belief."

SOMEONE please clue them in, it is NOT a religious issue, it is a Moral Issue, a Life issue, an ethical issue!