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Monday, May 23, 2005

Fetus Flush!

New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope found a fetus clogging a toilet in a first-floor restroom Wednesday night, police said.

A doctor at the hospital determined that the fetus was about 20 weeks old, a hospital spokeswoman, Lyn Hill, said. Because the fetus appeared to be intact, she said, it was probably a miscarriage. She could not say why the mother had apparently attempted to flush it down the toilet at about 8 p.m.


Meanwhile A construction worker found the body of a newborn girl Saturday morning inside the waste tank of a portable toilet at a Chandler construction site.
The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached, and the baby was probably delivered inside the toilet, said Chandler police spokeswoman Livi Kacic.

Police don’t know the identity or whereabouts of the mother and won’t know whether the baby was alive before being dumped in the tank until an autopsy is completed, Kacic said.

East Valley

In Wisconsin an 18 yr.old said she dropped her baby into lake michigan. Police havent found it yet, and the mother is insisting the child was stillborn.

Read it Here.

In Malayasia, a report says, there were 307 babies left abandoned, from January 2002 till March this year, according to statistics from Bukit Aman.

The official released another troubling finding – that of even the rich abandoning babies.

“Our survey showed that these incidents were not just confined to people facing financial problems. If a parent is faced with personal problems because of the baby, they could abandon the baby, too,” he added.

The official said there could have been more cases of abandoned babies that went unreported.

The Star

There are new developments in the case of a baby found dead in Harker Heights. The tiny body was found in a vacant house at 304 Elbert Lane.

Investigators have nicknamed the new born girl “baby JD”, for Jane Doe. A preliminary autopsy report indicates the baby girl was left inside a vacant house somewhere between 3 and 30 days ago.

"We still don't know at this point if we have a crime,” Gentry says. “It could just be a still birth."

But investigators say there is no forensic evidence to indicate that the baby was born inside the house.

"The odds are to us that the baby was not born there, but was discarded there.

Police say if they find out baby J.D. was abandoned alive, that person could face charges from injury to a child all the way up to murder.


A 15-year-old East Cleveland girl found the baby in a narrow alley behind her apartment building around 10:20 p.m. On Mothers Day, when she was taking out garbage. Doctors believe the 5-pound baby was five hours old when she was found.

Police are still searching for the mother.


As many as 50 abandoned newborn babies are found in Germany every year. Often they have been left in the streets, in rivers or simply in garbage cans, and half of them are found dead. It is estimated that in 1999 in Germany some 130 babies were abandoned, about half as many as were abandoned in the United States.

A group of concerned Berliners worked toward finding a solution for expectant mothers who need help in knowing what to do once their baby is born. The Seventh-day Adventist hospital in Berlin, Krankenhaus Waldfriede, initiated a program three years ago called "The Baby Cradle," a refuge where desperate mothers may bring their newborn babies and place them into the care of the hospital. Today, The Baby Cradle is one of several refuge centers in the country.

Here's how it works: The "Baby Cradle" is a small door on the outside wall of the hospital which mothers can open and place their baby inside. Confidentiality assured, the mother has enough time to leave unseen. Once the baby is inside the "cradle," a signal goes to the front gate. From the front gate a telephone call informs nurses in the baby ward that a newborn has been placed in the cradle.

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Jan. 18 2005. A 13-year old NY mother threw her newborn out the window of her apartment when it cried.The 15-year old father transferred the baby to the entrance of the church, where it froze to death.
A passer-by that they could have taken the baby to St. Barnabas Hospital only three short blocks away.

Inner City

3 Women 3 Choices...
The first woman was 33 and worked as a short-order cook in San Jose. She had two children who lived back home in Mexico. She couldn't burden her family with another one, and she had no means to support it herself. She kept her pregnancy a secret. She gave birth alone at home and left the newborn in a shopping cart behind Coconut Willie's Cocktail Lounge in San Jose in late June.

The second one was a girl of 17 who picked lettuce in a Salinas field. She told no one of her pregnancy, not even the older sister with whom she lived. Her parents were back in Mexico. She was on her own. She could barely figure out how to support herself. A baby was out of the question. Maybe she hoped for a miscarriage. Maybe for a miracle. Her baby was found crying in the waste of a portable toilet in the lettuce field in early July.

The third woman was 22 and cleaning rooms at the Days Inn in Palo Alto. She lived in a suburban neighborhood in Santa Clara with at least 10 members of her extended family. Construction workers last week found the decomposed remains of what police say was the woman's baby inside a garbage bag behind the motel.


WHY? With So many people Wanting to Adopt, Why are Babies Being Abandoned?

Why are Mothers being charged with murder and other felonies when they abandon their babies and NOT When they ABORT THEM?!