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Friday, May 20, 2005

Black Market Kidneys?
How Much Would You Pay For A Kidney?

University of Chicago professor Gary Becker, PhD, calculates that private insurers or the government should pay living donors $15,000 for a kidney and $32,000 for a piece of liver.

At little expense, he said, this could end black-market deals while reducing waiting times and deaths.

Dr. Becker placed the value of life at $3 million, and the risk of a living donor dying during organ removal as one in 1,000 for a kidney and one in 300 for liver.Dr. Becker thinks the United States will eventually pay living donors, "It's not a medical problem, it's an economic and ethical problem," he said. "We can get more organs, but are we willing to take the necessary steps to do it?"

Francis L. Delmonico, MD, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, Boston, offered the rebuttal. "...paying for organs would change a physician from a healer to an "enabler in a business transaction."

They Have now turned to congress.

What is frightening is the scenario, ( don't tell me I watch too much tv, I don't) Supposed your name is in the database as a donor. You get into an accident. You are rendered unconscious. Somewhere 500 miles away is a person waiting for an organ. They have been waiting a while and their body is starting to show signs of deteriation. The Organ Procurement personel in the hospital sees you are a potential match for this person. Your Dr. decides your life quality would be on a lower scale, ( if you come out of your coma, you could be left paralyzed). Your Drs. could decide to end your life in exchange for your organs so some one else may lead a more "Productive" live.

Don't think this could Happen? Well We didnt think food and water were life support either, now did we?

This is the Job of Bio-Ethicists. To Determine quality of life, and determine who lives and who dies. They are in a sense god. (small,"g").

America is heading down a very slippery slope. When we started viewing Babies as less then human, and we are now starting to view All Adults as Commodities in the organ trade business, Where does it end?

I feel like Neo in "The Matrix"!