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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hospice, The New big brother?

The Empire journal this morning has an article regarding hospice of Fla. and Mary Labyak. It appears Ms. Labyak wants to corner the death market, and is so paranoid and controlling, that nurses aren't even allowed to speak amoungst themselves about some of the patients, even off hospice grounds.

Christina Brundage, was a registered nurse employed by The Hospice of Florida Suncoast from 1995 until 2000. She loved working at hospice, that is until Mary Labyak, and George Felos started to look into cornering the "DEATH MARKET!"

George Felos who was Chairman of the Hospice board until 2001, never disclosed this info to the Schindlers when he took on Michael Schiavo as a client. He, Mary Labyak, and Martha Lenderman, as well as Senior Medical Director Dr. James Avery, would be the ones responsible as labeling Terri as terminal when she was NOT! Medicare paid for her languishing in the Hospice for 5 years.

According to Christina Brundage, the Charting of Pts, especially Terri, had become very selective. From the Empire Journal:

"I went through the medical charts for Terri. They were very bizarre. Anything
controversial, the hospice jumped in and controlled everything. The whole
atmosphere was incredible control. "


1. Several months after admission, patient (pt) being cared
for by a limited group of staff members unlike the usual variety of staff
members which would be expected.

2. Charting, at same time as above,
begins to be primarily confined to one of the above staff members, rather than
occasional charting by other shifts.

3. Some days no charting at all -
oversight? or are those days when selected staff members off?

verification of 2 and 3 could be checked by matching days' charting with med
sheets - if pt. is getting pm medication, it should be charted by whatever staff
member administers it.]

4. The same 3 statements frequently appear,
often together - 1) Family is offered emotional support, refuses, says
"everything is just fine". 2) Husband is open to support, grateful to staff. 3)
Pt. is in PVS.

5. Elaborate charting of what pt. can't do.

Only 1 instance noted of pt. being taken outside of room. (Not all entries read,

7. Exaggerated concern for charting obtaining guardian's
permission for everything, even something as automatic as permission to evacuate
pt. in case of some type of emergency (presumably, flooding, fire, etc.)

8. Charting pt.'s visiting priest going into the room of another pt., a
crying child, to comfort him and being told he was not to do that. If that
needed to be charted at all, it should be in the child's chart.

Charting is very "scripted."

Christina Said alot of the changes started
taking place when they began grasping the "pro-homosexual, pro-euthanasia, New
Age Philosphies."
Mary Labyak started holding meetings that resembled "Pep
Rallies" , and became very cult like, in the control factor.

So Fearful are not only the staff, but also family members of those who have been in hospice.
Recalling one family, TEJ:

"I met a woman whose husband was deliberately starved to death at Woodside, just
as Terri was, even though his Living Will said he wanted everything done to
prolong his life so he could be with his family. I tried to get the family to
talk about it but sadly, the children of the widow don’t want her to report it
or even talk to me about it. The children were terrified that hospice would come
after them. Their father was murdered---just like Terri---and they were afraid
to speak up.
“I think the public assumes that the hospice had to do what
they did” Brundage says in speaking of Terri’s case. “They did not have to do

Another family Christina recalls, had a patient dying of
melanoma. The patient did a website (with the help of Christina) warning of the
dangers and what to look for, a way of educating the public. When said patient
passed away the family asked Christina to access the site to place an
announcement of her passing. Hospice Scolded her for doing this, as they say,
"Without their Permission!"

Another twist in all this, is Dr. Avery's Job with Beverly enterprises,which he took after leaving Hospice of Fla. Beverly is the leading health care providers across the U.S. for elder care. They too have been involved in defrauding Medicaid/medicare. (Same as Hospice in Fla.)

Some people may be surprised to learn that DADDY BUSH former Pres. has some MAJOR Holdings in Beverly and their Subsidiairies, at the time of the defrauding!

Back to Terri's case, it seems Dr. Avery at first gave sworn statements to the Schindlers and Judge Greer that Terri was NOT PVS, however with George Felos as Chairman of Hospice suncoast Terri was admitted anyway as terminal, and Avery's findings were ignored and only one Dr. Signed that Terri was Terminal when 2 Drs signatures are required!

Read More of this tangled web here.