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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boycott American Girl

I am NOT HAPPY! I got the email yesterday from AFA about this. Billy Valentine has the whole story. I ask you to go read it.

Basically A.G. has aligned itself with an organisation that promotes sodomy and abortion!

I'M Baaccckkkk, well sort of......

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Italian Coma Victim Awakens After Two Years, Says He Heard Everything

Salvatore Crisafulli,-38- a father of four, had been placed in a coma for two years as a result of an automobile accident recently awoke and told doctors and his family that he heard and understood everything going on around him during the time.

He describes his case as a "miracle" proving that lost causes are not hopeless.

"The doctors said that I wasn't conscious, but I understood everything and I cried in desperation."
He emerged from the coma three months ago and began speaking recently -- his first word was "Mamma...."

Read the Rest!

Moving days...

I will be offline for a while, hopefully not long. Moving days are here and I must focus on getting the job done. I will post my last post , probably tomorrow, unless of course someone throws a monkey wrench in my path, as it has been known to happen with me, nothing ever goes the way it is supposed to.

I hate moving, while I like being able to start clean and fresh, it is the whole moving deal that annoys the heck outta me. Having to find someone to help me, I can't lift and lug this crap up the stairs. I will probably also be putting a lot of crap on ebay once I get done. I liquidated before when it became apparent I was gonna have to move. Thanx to my ex- who decided he wasn't going to pay the mortgage or sell the house and split profit with me. The jezabel he left me for got him wrapped around her pinkie so tight he actually let the bank forecose and ruin his credit. He is more then likely riding on her coattails of credit right now!

Anyhoo, I don't want to get started with his shit today, I am in a half way decent mood and don't want to push it!

The sad truth is, when I was putting my stuff in storage I looked at it, and thought is this what my life amounts too? STUFF? All I have to show for my 44 yrs on earth is STUFF? A 10X15 room of junk? It is a sobering experience, let me tell ya. Time to re-assess my priorities.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Queers Getting State to close Christian ministry

The State is now becoming Big Brother to churches and ministries, threatening to shut them down if they don't toe the line.
LIA- Love in Action Ministry offers discipleship for those in destructive relationships and lifestyles. They are Not a Medical Facility, rather a ministry who believes the love and fellowship of Christ can conquer all.

The state however wants them to apply for a license or face closure!

Since when does the state dictate how a ministry operates? Is this England?

ADF has taken up the cause and is represnting them in court.

"The state is trying to turn a Christian ministry into a state-regulated mental hospital," ADF Senior Legal Counsel Nate Kellum explained. "By the state's reasoning, a homeless shelter would become a medical clinic if a homeless person were taking antibiotics for some minor infection. Do we want the state to shut down private organizations that are helping people who are struggling?"
Is this not what the church focus is supposed to be ? Helping people live thier lives in accordance to Christ and the Scripture? Not just for sunday worship, but for counseling and proper living everyday!

This is what happens to churches who hold a 501 (c)3 status. They are owned by the Gov't. It has been shouted in some circles that more and more churches are going to be facing this kind of state interferrance if they step out and do more then sunday preaching.
No longer are churches out in the main line discussions of politics, and other issues, something that was done regularly at one point after our formation as the U.S.
Churches today are silent on most issues for fear of State/ Fed reprisals as is the case here!

In Reading the Complaint file against the state, it turns out this action has been brought to bear by queers.

Earlier this year a teen who was sent to LIA by his parents because he admitted to be gay, started blogging about not wanting anything to do with changing his lifestyle. His blog made its way around the internet and was given special highlights by queer groups all crying about how unfair it was. ( Yes I have read these entries).

Shortly after the blog came to light and attention, the queers started sending hate mail to Rev. Smid- operator of LIA, stating they were going to "shut him down". They went as far as crying "child abuse". DCS investigated and found none!

As that action has failed they are now going to the board of licensure claiming LIA is dispensing meds and medical treatment.

Tenn Dept of Health found they are a faith based ministry and No licensing would be required. This has not stopped the venomous actions of the queers, or the state, which are clearly in the pockets of these groups.

Will these people stop at nothing?

While no licensing is needed for faith based support groups, because LIA asks applicants if they are being treated for mental health issues- as a protection for the applicants as well as the ministry- the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, has decided to take it upon itself to demand licensing.

Lia states:

"Of the many screening questions posed by LIA’s application, one involves whether the individual has ever been diagnosed with or treated for various mental healthconditions, such as anorexia, bulimia, anxiety attacks, depression and schizophrenia.

LIA asks individuals whether they have been diagnosed with or treated for a mental illness to determine if LIA’s ministry would undermine or conflict with the individual’s care by a licensed mental health professional. If so, LIA will deny admittance to any of itsprograms.

LIA’s ministry is not designed to treat mental illness, nor do they make any attempt to treat mental illness.

On a routine basis, LIA accepts a significant number of individuals who happen to have a mental illness and wish to voluntarily participate in LIA’s discipling ministries. Primarily, this would involve participants who are taking anti-depressant medication at the time of their stay. All such individuals, that are accepted in the program, must be able to take care of themselves. The percentage of “mentally ill” individuals vary, but typically, two or more
mentally ill individuals reside on LIA property at any given time for the purpose going through The Source program.

LIA will only agree to admit individuals with mental illness if LIA’s discipling ministry will not conflict with the individual’s care from a licensed mental health professional. LIA is not designed to provide any supportive living services for individuals with mental illness, nor do they attempt to provide any supportive living services to any such individuals going through any of their programs. Per policy, LIA will not accept a mentally illindividual who requires supportive living services."

This doesn't sound like a mental health facilty to me. The fact that at any given time an individual is on an anti-depressant does not mean a thing, since they are given out like candy, and half the population in the U.S. are on them!

Someone from the DMHDD surprised Rev. Smid with a visit and demanded to see the facility. This person- Arthur Hyde claimed he was housing at least 2 individuals that suffered from mental illness.
In an exchage of letters the DMHDD stated that:

They determined LIA provides room, board and personal care services for mentally ill individuals. In elaborating on this charge, DMHDD expressed that LIA allows more than one mentally ill individual to reside in its facility, which, according to DMHDD, would be anyone who is diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and/or is taking any type of medication designed to deal with a mental health issue, such as Prozac or any other anti-depressant. Elaborating further, Mr. Brown said he observed that LIA has meals at a certain time, keeps medication in a central location, and is prepared to send suicidal participants to the proper authorities. According to the DMHDD, these matters qualified as “personal care services.”

Personal Care? Having Meals at a certain time is considered personal care services? No it is considered smart and convienient when you have several people living under one roof!

Having Meds in one central location is smart and removes the threat that someone could accidentally or intentionally tamper or take the wrong medication. Considering that teens are there, this is the right thing to do. People have access to the meds, they are not doled out like nurses do at a hospital.

By their own definition the home I am staying at right now -( 3 families under one roof) could be considered a mental health clinic? We have dinner everynight at 6:00 pm. And meds are usually stored away from children, in 2 central locations!

Sending someone with suicidal tendencies to the proper authorities is WRONG?!

Interesting note is that they - the DMHDD consider alcoholism or drug addiction a mental illness. So that would mean anyone who has admitted to being an alcoholic or addict is a mental patient? People who take wellbutrin to try and stop smoking are mental Patients? Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant! Since anti-depressants are being prescribed for off label use- Uses other then depression- Anyone taking them for any reason is a mental Patient?

Hmmmm..This leaves a segway for something else I have been meaning to get to.

Scumbag Demon Felos Teaching Death!

Scumbag Demon from hell George Felos is now the featured teacher on a Carribean Cruise, Teaching Dr.s how to kill their patients!

The program, titled "Advance Directives/End of Life Care and Neurology," is presented by Continuing Education, Inc., which offers "credits while you cruise."

The classes will take place aboard a cruise ship sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to the Bahamas, Jan. 3-8.

Im Off To Puke!

Read It!