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Sunday, May 01, 2005

National Right to Life T-Shirt Causes Troubles for Teens, UPDATED!

It's National Pro-Life T-shirt day. We put on our pro-life t-shirt and go to school right? Not in Des Moines Roosevelt High School.

It seems The school officials dont like pro-life messages on t-shirts. ust ask Tamera and Brittany Chandler. They were threatened with suspension when they wore the T-shirts, which included a picture of a fetus above the words "Abortion Kills Kids."

These were Not pictures of Aborted fetuses with blood and stuff, just a baby.

Pro-Life T-Shirts Posted by Hello

"Roosevelt Principal Anita Micich said the sisters were not threatened with
suspension. She said the students were called into the office after a teacher
expressed concern about other students' reaction to the T-shirts."

"I was worried that students who were expressing themselves might become
targets, or that it might become so disruptive we couldn't conduct classes,"

"Tamera Chandler, 18, said she agreed to put a sweat shirt on over her
T-shirt. "I was upset because they violated my rights, but I didn't want any
trouble because graduation's right around the corner," she said.

"Her sister Brittany, 15, said she became argumentative when officials
suggested she change or cover her T-shirt. She and her father, Tim Chandler,
said they were both told by school officials that if Brittany didn't change,
Tamera could be suspended, which would affect her graduation status."

Way to go Brittany. I don't understand how a tshirt can cause a problem? Everybody was wearing one. It wasn't in bad taste, and it was National pro-life tshirt day!

Hey if Sodomites can have a day of silence to protest people who are against their lifestyles, what is wrong with this?

According to the 1969 U.S. Supreme Court in Tinker vs. Des Moines, students
do not "shed their constitutional rights . . . at the schoolhouse gate." That
case included students of Roosevelt who wore black armbands in protest of the
Vietnam War.

Nationally, some of the approximately 15,000 others, mostly students, who
participated in National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day were told to cover or change their
shirts, said Erik Whittington, youth outreach coordinator for the American Life
Alliance, which organized the day.

He said students who react in a disruptive way to the T-shirts - not
the wearers - should be punished.
"A shirt doesn't yell or punch anyone in the face, so who and what is
disruptive here?"

"The Chandler family is considering filing a lawsuit after contacting the
Iowa Liberty and Justice Center, which takes on cases related to family and
sanctity of life, attorney Chuck Hurley said."

They are waiting for an apology from the school, I would NOT hold my breathe!

More stories about Pro_life T-shirts being censored this morning.

Students at Milford High School in Massachusetts were told to cover the message abortion kills with tape. Those who refused were told to put on a jacket at school or go home for the day.

Meanwhile, two students in Virginia were told to turn their shirts inside out or to go home and change. The students showed the principal a letter defending the students' rights previously prepared by the Thomas Moore Law Center, a pro-life law firm.

The school administrator told the students, "I don't want to see it !

A Virginia Beach school backed down when threatened by a lawsuit by Thomas Moore Lawcenter .

An assistant principal told a Denbigh High School student that he had to remove the pro-life sweatshirt or turn it inside out.

In Florida, a pro-life student received detention for wearing a pro-life t-shirt. The school eventually reversed itself.

In Tennessee, a Knox County elementary school principal told a 5th grader that she was prohibited from wearing the t-shirt.

School principal Emily Lenn told Debbie Williams told her that her daughter's shirt was inappropriate because young kids attended the school and because it was too graphic.

The shirt shows a picture of an unborn child.

He said she could wear it if it had a less intense message! ~What would he like for it to say?~ Just say NO? Truth is truth, Abortion does KILL KIDS~

American Life League and Rock For Life Youth Outreach which sponsored National Pro-Life t-shirt day is taking reports about how the day went for thousands of people ( especially Youth) across the U.S.

They also give advice on how to handle the harrassment. One comment was, when told to cover the message with tape, to do so then write the words "CENSORSHIP" across the tape in protest to being censored! COOL!