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Monday, April 25, 2005

Judge: Only Parents Can Remove Life Support From Son

HAT TIP: Straightupwsherri

The Bronx-WABC, April 25, 2005) — The ruling for a 13-year-old on life support since last week is in. The judge says only the boy's parents can decide whether to turn the machines off, and doctors must honor their wishes.

Eyewitness News reporter Joe Torres is at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.

Eyewitness News Video

Teron is not on life-support, Teron is dead - those are the words of the medical director here at the Montefiore Medical Center, who earlier told reporters that Teron was declared dead on Thursday of last week, and they say the reason the teenager is still on what they call organ-support is to give the Francis family time to come to grips with the teenager's death.

Francis' Brother: "I just want my brother back and whatever happens, I just hope a miracle happens."

Teron Francis' mother and brother emerged from Bronx Supreme Court happy with a judge's ruling. Moments earlier Judge Douglas McKeon decided to keep in place a restraining order preventing doctors here at Montefiore Medical Center from removing the respiratory equipment attached to their loved one. ...

Judge McKeon visited Teron at Montefiore late Friday night. ~~Judge Greer NEVER visited TERRI~~ Doctors said a dental infection spread to the brain, leaving the teen in a coma. But the hospital disputes the family's claim that doctors planned on removing the ventilator from Teron following a diagnosis of "brain dead."

Dr. Gary Kalkut, Montefiore Medical Center: "We would never pull the plug, as it's been quoted, remove the ventilator, in the face of family objection. We wouldn't do that - that's our policy and we continue to do that to this point." ..... ~ YEA RIGHT!~

Bob Genis, Family's Lawyer: "A hospital can go to court and ask for permission to terminate life support, but the hospital didn't go to court to do that. They just told the family they were going to do it."