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Friday, April 29, 2005

Updated Info on "Angele and Baby Rowan"

World Magazine Obtained a more complete transcript which raises troubling questions as to what happened with the 911 call made by Angele's friend the morning baby Rowan was born.

For whatever the reason that Angele didnt feel safe carrying her baby to term (?) she opted for late term abortion after researching many clinics..."I had been terrorized. . . . I didn't feel I had any other choice," she said.

About an hour passed. Then, in a connected bathroom, Angele delivered Rowan into a toilet.

"The moment I saw Rowan . . . I cannot tell you the sickness that came over me and the self-loathing," Angele said. "I was miserable, sobbing. He was perfect, perfect . . . just tiny."

Then, she said, Rowan's leg moved. Next, she saw the tiny boy curl up as though cold. Angele says she screamed for clinic workers to call 911. One came and left twice without aiding either Rowan or Angele, who was covered in blood.

Frantic, Angele says she grabbed her cell phone and asked the friend who had driven her to the clinic to call 911.
At 10:22 a.m. and 10:29 a.m., the Orlando Fire Department (OFD) received calls requesting an ambulance to the EPOC Clinic:

Angele's Friend (AF): It's a women's clinic. . . . My friend is having an abortion and the baby was born alive. . . . They're not allowing her to use the phone there. They're wanting the baby to die!

OFD: She wants the baby to live?
AF: That's correct. . . . [She] said the baby was just born and it was alive and they were wanting her to leave it in the toilet and, uh, just let it die, and she's not wanting that to happen.

According to the OFD's incident report, Engine 4 (E-4), bearing a paramedic and two EMTs, arrived on the scene at 10:37 a.m. Two police officers also arrived, responding to an OFD call for back-up that said clinic workers wanted "to kill the baby."

But 22 minutes after that, fire personnel left. "No patient found . . . ," the OFD report says.

"E-4 responded to a disturbing the peace at the EPOC clinic.

OPD arrived on scene, handled incident.

No patient contact."

Though she had brief contact with police, Angele never saw medical personnel.

Questions blare: How did a request for emergency medical help turn into a "disturbing the peace" call?

With 911 calls reporting a life-and-death conflict over a baby, why didn't OFD medical personnel insist on examining the child?
Police and fire personnel who responded to the scene could not be reached for comment. Clinic owner James Pendergraft, who has served time in prison for extortion, would not comment on the incident.