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Friday, April 29, 2005

Complaints filed over live-birth abortion

Angele the woman whose baby was born alive during a botched abortion earlier this month, is filing charges against EPOC Womens Center.

The complaint filed Wednesday with the Department of Health is against Harry Perper, M.D., who performed the first-day procedures but was not present the second day, and against James Pendergraft, M.D., who owns and supervises the clinic.

Among the violations are the complete absence of a doctor during the abortion procedure, causing a death certificate to improperly state that Rowan was stillborn, and a complete lack of post-operative care. Angele did NOT receive the required Rhogam shot for mothers who are RH Negative.

The Complaint also cites the unsanitary condition of the clinic, which includes dried blood on the floor as well as a bloodied cotton ball.

Said The Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition ,
"It is barbarous to realize that this young child could have been saved if only
clinic personnel had responded in a professional and timely manner. This tragic
death shows that abortion clinics across the country are not committed to
'choice' as they often state, for the mother wanted to save this child, but
rather are dedicated to a culture of death that results in violence against
children and the exploitation of women. We are calling for a full investigation
into this horrific death and pray that action is taken that would prevent it
from ever happening again."

Troy Newman, director of pro-life group Operation Rescue:
"Baby Rowan failed to receive compassion and justice in his short life here on
earth. So together with his mother, Operation Rescue, will work passionately to
ensure he receives the justice he clearly deserves. We are calling for the
prosecution of all those involved in this horrible crime and are imploring
officials to use all legal avenues available to them...."

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