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Friday, April 29, 2005

Hospital to end life support

Spiro Nikolouzos' Family is fighting for his life again. Jannette Nikolouzo has been married to Spiro for 34 Years.

Spiro a retired electrical engineer suffered brain damage after a motor vehicle accident more then 10 years ago. He has been deemed PVS since 2001.

In March St.Lukes hospital informed Jannette they were terminating Spiro's Feeding Tube.

Jannette had 10 days to find another facility. Avalon Place, a Nursing home agreed. However he developed pnuemonia and had to be transferred to the hospital for treatment. He went to Southeast Baptist Hospital , where he was put on a ventilator . He has been having problems with the "G" tube, and the hospital utilized intravaneous feedings instead.

Now S.E. Baptist wants to terminate his care. Avalon will take him back only if he has a "G"tube.

It appears the hospitals in Texas are walking in step with Texas Futile Care Law which President Bush, then Govenour passed , which states hospitals have the right to end life care if a patients quality of life is too low, and whether or not they can pay for the medical expenses.

Further investigation shows that "TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE" HELPED IN WRITING THE BILL.

The problem with all these "futile care bills*" are the words...

"*"Life-sustaining treatment" means treatment that, based on reasonable
medical judgment, sustains the life of a patient and without which the patient
will die. The term includes both life-sustaining medications and
artificial life support, such as mechanical breathing machines, kidney dialysis
treatment, and artificial nutrition and hydration."

Since when is nutrition and hydration artificial? Dialysis can sustain a patient until a compatible donor can be found. In an effort to put an end to all this game playing I propose we start Re-writing these bills to remove such clauses as artificial nutrition and hydration. (It is a foot in the door, until we can eliminate them altogether.)

For the record. MY DAUGHTER KNOWS IF I BECOME INCAPACITATED I WANT TO REMAIN ON LIFE SUPPORT BY ANY AND ALL MEANS, UNTIL SHE IS SURE MY ACTUAL BRAIN IS DEAD! (That giant sucking sound you hear is Momma sucking the life out of the system on her way out, she despises the way things are in this world that much!..:-)

*Texas Futile care Bill