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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Unconscious Australian Woman's Fate Unsure

I would like to think that Terri Schindler had something to do with the decision the judge made here.

Maria Korp had been missing for several days when she was found choked and
unconscious in the trunk of her car in the southern city of Melbourne on Feb.
13. She had been trapped there for five days.
Her husband, Joe Korp, 47, and
his former lover, Tania Herman, 38, were arrested and charged with attempted
murder, conspiracy to murder and intentionally causing serious injury. Both are
in custody pending trial.

Doctors at the hospital where Korp's 50-year-old wife is being treated say
she is unresponsive to external stimulation and that she receives her food and
oxygen through tubes.
They said she stands a 50 percent chance of survival
if her breathing apparatus is switched off, but that she would certainly die
within weeks if her feeding tube is removed.

"The main concern that will come up (in court) is whether that person is
capable of acting in the best interests of (the unconscious) person," Cannold
said. She said Korp's husband "clearly has a conflict of interest" because he
could face a murder charge if she dies. " READ

Too bad Judge Greer didnt see the conflict of interest in Terri's Case. Perhaps she would still be alive today if he had.