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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Update on Mae Magouirk

Email From Ken This a.m.

Mae is doing Well. She is eating, and her aortic dissection is healing nicely. Dr.Aquel has said Mae can be moved back to Ga.

She is sitting up in a chair; eating food; her aortic dissection is now contained; she is neurologically intact yet it will take 2 more weeks of hospital care and another month or two of nursing home care BEFORE she is totally able to be independent and be responsible for herself again (because of ALL the morphine and malnourishment.)

Ken has asked that we watch and contact Dr. Stout, the Dr. who put her in the Hospice and RESPECTFULLY let him know that we are still monitoring this case and will not have Mae back in hospice under a death watch situation again. PLEASE PEOPLE BE RESPECTFUL!~(Emphasis mine)~

Ken: My Aunt may be moved back to Georgia soon (an OK move and Dr. Aqel "my Doctor" has mandated no Hospice and he must approve the hospital and regimen of care) to a hospital near her home.

Please help us contact Dr. Robert Stout (in a respectful manner) and convey to him that THE WORLD IS WATCHING HIM and that because of his past actions, it would best if he (Dr. Robert Stout) stay away from Mae Magouirk's care and thus disassociate himself with her medical care in ANY AND ALL WAYS.

Robert M. Stout, M.D. 301 Medical Dr. La Grange, GA 30240-4144 706-882-9341

crossposted at rapic..for previous stories on Mae, go here and click april archives.