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Friday, April 29, 2005

Why are some people fighting the Abstinence issue? The Answers may Surprise You.

This morning I was reading Rebecca Hagelin's column about Pornography, and how it is becoming a not-so-big-deal. If you have kids, Read this. While you're at it, Rebecca Just Published a Book called "Home Invasion", I recommend anyone who cares anything about Kids, family, and the good ole American way of Life to read it.

In the editorial she mentioned Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., anti-abstinence stand. Which got me thinking, "Why would anyone be against abstince especially when it comes to our kids? The answer to most questions like this are follow the money trail.

Would could be the reason for promoting promuscuity? The Pharmacueticals could make more money with their anti-pregnancy fixes. Well it may be true that alot more people are tanking their money on big Pharmas then the usual commodities, my gut said that wasn't the whole answer.

Money could be made by the abortionists, but most of them aren't big corporations that one would take stock in. But the flip side of it is. The companies dealing with Medical research, and body parts.

Many years ago I remember hearing something about baby parts being traded and sold. Same with regular Adult body parts. I also remember hearing that it was in another country.
A little digging and googling proved me right and wrong. There is a market, and it isn't just other countries. It Is HERE!

From Pregnant Pause:
In 1999 evidence came to light that abortionists were selling body parts from aborted babies for use in medical research, transplants, or whatever other uses one might have.

Life Dynamics, the organization that has done the most to bring this affair to light, has accumulated an enormous amount of documentary evidence to substantiate their charges. I have before me a collection of over 60 papers that they have obtained that document sales of fetal body pars.

Most of these are matter-of-fact descriptions of body parts wanted with descriptions of how they are to be prepared and shipped. Several helpfully give a Federal Express account number that can be billed for the shipping charges.

Perhaps the most chilling is a price list from a company called "Opening Lines", that simply lists body parts and prices, like "Livers ... $150", "Ears ... $75", "Eyes ... $75", "Brain ... $999", etc, with a conventional disclaimer at the bottom, "Prices in effect through December 31, 1999".

Furthermore, they even found someone who had been involved in some of these transactions and who now had a change of heart and was willing to speak out about it.

*Note: It is illegal to Sell Human Body Parts. One way around this, those involved claim the charges are for their time and cost in procurring the remains, Not for the remains themselves...Also changing the terminolgy such as , The men and women who obtain the fetal parts at the abortion clinics are called "technicians." The companies that act as middlemen between the technicians and the scientists are called "harvesters." To get around the law, the harvesters (middlemen) receive the fetal material as a "donation" from the abortion clinic. In return, the abortion clinic is paid a "site fee" for use of lab space at the clinic where they obtain the specimens. The harvesters then "donate" the baby parts to researchers. In return, the researchers "donate" the cost of the retrieval (rather than paying the harvesters for actual body parts) according to a formal price list. By buying and selling the unborn baby parts in this way, technically nothing is "sold," rather, everything is "donated." (If it walks like a duck....)

20/20 Did a show about this. The episode showed Opening Lines' founder, Dr. Miles Jones, discussing the profit in selling fetal parts to researchers. "If you have a guy that's desperate for, let's say, a heart, then he'll pay you whatever you ask," he said.
According to Life Dynamics literature, Jim and Brenda Bardsley founded the Anatomic Gift Foundation in 1994. They are purportedly located in several locations in the United States. Not all of the facilities market fetal tissue, but Life Dynamics has determined that the Anatomical Gift Foundation has set up a fetal tissue harvesting facility at the Mayfair Women's Clinic in Aurora, Colorado.

the 20/20 story featured a man, Dean Alberty, who had worked at both Opening Lines and the Anatomical Gift Foundation. He told ABC's Chris Wallace that both businesses altered abortions to get a better specimen of baby parts.

A review of purchase orders from both the Anatomical Gift Foundation and Opening Lines showed what body parts researchers were most interested in.

The University of California at San Francisco researcher, Dr. Deborah Froh, ordered fetal tissue. Dr. Froh's purchase order requested "Lung 14-24 (will specify with each request)." The 14-24 presumably means a lung from a 14-24 week old preborn baby.

Dr. Heidi Horner, associate director for CNS Pharmacology at Athena Neurosciences in South San Francisco requested "Intact brains preferred but large pieces of brain may be usable.

Dr. Reen Wu, an associate professor at the California Primate Research Center at UC Davis had a precise procedure for harvesting fetal tissue. "Dissect out entire trachea & bronchi intact whenever possible from fetal cadaver (needs to have at least 1/3 of total tissue), place Specimen in container with media ASAP. Store on wet ice". Dr. Wu requested, "1-5 samples per shipment. Requires 5 spec. [specimens] every month".

According to the purchase orders that Life Dynamics acquired, other Northern California researchers that bought fetal tissue included Jane Lebkowski, a senior director of research with Applied Immune Sciences in Menlo Park. Lebkowski requested "thymus, lymphoid node, liver, bone" for "monociaonal antibodies studies". The purchase order stated that the fetal tissue was to be harvested from babies who where "gestational age 15-22 weeks ... morphologically normal fetus." Additionally, she requested "Abstract chart for age, sex, blood type, medical history ... tissue to be removed under sterile conditions".

The California department of health services also seems to be buying pre-born baby parts. A "confidential protocol" by Dr. John F. Krowka at the California Department of Health Services Berkeley facility showed him ordering "liver, thymus & skin 18-24 wks."

Gloria Feldt, the President of Planned Parenthood, actually said this practice was inappropriate. She went on to say, ‘Where there is wrongdoing, it should be prosecuted. Did it stop anything?

The House passed a measure by voice vote urging its members to investigate whether private companies are violating federal law by profiting from the sale of fetal parts from abortions used in medical research. The resolution passed by voice vote, but some abortion advocates objected to language that referred to fetal tissue as ``baby body parts'' and said the authors were trying to inflame the debate over abortion.

Pro-life Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK) said, ``We're inducing through the profit motive abortionists to put the life of their patients at risk for monetary gain.'' Under the premise that the sale would violate the interstate commerce clause, the resolution's three primary sponsors -- Tancredo, pro-life Reps. Joseph Pitts (R-PA) and Christopher Smith (R-NJ) -- noted in a letter to pro-life House Commerce Chair Thomas Bliley (R-VA) that while"current law permits the exploitation of aborted children for research federal law also prohibits any person 'to knowingly acquire, receive or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce."

In 2001 a Kansas US Attorney decided that No Federal Law was broken in the sale of body parts by an abortion clinic.

"Acting US Attorney Jim Flory decided "after a thorough review of the issues involved," that there were no violations of federal statutes, indicating that the investigation had drawn to a close."- CNS news.

Is it any wonder why Late Term Partial Birth Abortion is supported and pushed so visciously.


MRC-5 (Lung, diploid, human)
Derived from normal lung tissue of a 14-week-old male fetus by J. P. Jacobs in September 1966 (Nature 227: 168-170, 1970), the MRC-5 cell line was established in a growth medium consisting of Earle's Basal Medium in Earle's balanced salt solution supplemented with 10% calf serum. Following initial cultivation, subcultures were prepared twice weekly at a 1:2 ratio. When the cells reached approximately the 7th population doubling, the majority of the cultures were harvested to prepare a frozen cell stock. Subsequent observations revealed that the MRC-5 cells are capable of attaining 42-46 population doublings before onset of the decline in proliferation usually experienced with human fibroblast lines. The MRC-5 cell strain (like the WI-38 cell line) is susceptible to a wide range of human viruses.

Common UtilizationSupports the growth of a broad range of viruses, including Adenoviruses; Coxsackie A; Cytomegalovirus; Echovirus; Herpes simplex Virus; Poliovirus; Rhinovirus; Respiratory Syncytial Virus; and Varicella Zoster Virus. Also used for in vitro cytotoxicity testing.

WI-38 (Lung, diploid, human)
The WI-38 human diploid cell line was derived by L. Hayflick from normal embryonic (3-month gestation) lung tissue of a female (Exp. Cell Res. 25: 585, 1961). The growth medium used was Eagle's medium in Earle's balanced salt solution supplemented with 10% calf serum. The cells have a finite lifetime of 50 (plus or minus 10) population doublings with a doubling time of 24 hours (Exp. Cell Res. 37: 614, 1965). The cell line has been shown to have one of the broadest human virus spectra of any cell population that has been tested and is especially useful for isolation of rhinoviruses.

Supports the growth of a broad range of viruses, including Adenoviruses; Coxsackie A; Cytomegalovirus; Echovirus; Herpes simplex Virus; Poliovirus; Respiratory Syncytial Virus; Rhinovirus; and Varicella Zoster Virus. Also used for in vitro cytotoxicity testing.

SF (Foreskin, diploid, human)
The SF cell line was derived by ViroMed Laboratories from a normal, human foreskin (at birth) and has been found to be similar to other widely used human fibroblast lines. It has a finite life span of 40-50 population doublings before onset of senescence. The SF fibroblast cells are susceptible to a wide range of viruses.

Common UtilizationSupports the growth of a broad range of viruses, including Adenoviruses; Coxsackie A; Cytomegalovirus; Echovirus; Herpes simplex Virus; Poliovirus; and Varicella Zoster Virus. In addition, these cells are useful in the Clostridium difficile cytotoxin assay.

"In 1954, during discussions surrounding the development of adenovirus vaccines for use in the military, the U.S. Armed Forces Epidemiology Board (AFEB) recommended the use of "normal cells" as the substrate for vaccine production rather than cell lines established from human tumors....." --( I suspect this may be the reason we have such a high cancer rate in this country-Comments Mine)

"FDA would like the VRBPAC to consider the potential risks in using two novel cell substrates, 293 cells and PER.C6 cells. These cell lines were developed by transforming human embryonic kidney cells (293) and human embryonic retinal cells (PER.C6)...."

"First, viral vaccines are developed and manufactured in cell substrates that may be derived from humans, and all human cells represent a finite possibility of being derived from individuals with a propensity to develop sporadic or familial Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD)....." ~(I dont know about anyone else, but I will NEVER take or allow my kids to take another shot of any form!)~

From the CDC: "CDC is aware that some, but not all, vaccines are made from human cell-line cultures, and some of these cell lines originated from aborted fetal tissue, ...."

Not to mention all the other "STUFF" in vaccines.

Back to my original question, "Why would anyone be against Abstinence? Any Questions?