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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another Hospital killing off Innocent BABIES!

Another Baby being put to death. Doctors at Memorial Hermann Hospital said they would stop treating 5 month old Knya Dismute-Howard.

Knya was diagnosed with Luekemia shortly after her birth, during the course of treatment she also developed a skin infection.
doctors are now giving her parents 10 days to find another hospital , they will stop treatment and let her die.

"Her mind is fully there," said the baby's mother, Tamiko Dismuke-Howard. "She knows when we are there. I can't give up because she won't give up."

Texas has a Futile Care Bill which states Drs. can stop treating a patient based on their quality of life and ability to pay.

Since leukemia is treatable, many children have successfully gone into remission, I doubt quality of life is the issue here, I believe it is more then likely that the parents may not have quality health insurance. The article doesnt state whether this is a factor, but I am suspicious.
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