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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tiller the Killer killing LIVE babies- Out of Womb?

According to a Document obtained by world mag, it appears Tiller the Killer is living up to his name in more ways then one.


The document, entitled, "Your Stay at Women's Healthcare Services: Step-by-Step What to Expect, Intrauterine Induction Abortion," states that "live birth of the fetus" is among the possible complications. It states that responsibility for the medical care and transport of a live-born infant rests on the mother.

Joann Armentrout, an administrator with the Wichita facility, claims the abortion center is not violating the law. Armentrout was quoted in WORLD magazine saying, "We've never had a live birth here."

However, Armentrout failed to mention the case of Sarah Brown, a girl with severe disabilities who was adopted and lived for five years after surviving an abortion at the Wichita facility in July of 1993.

Armentrout's statement also contradicts statements made by abortionist LeRoy Carhart last year. Carhart told the Associated Press that during dilation-and-evacuation abortions, "The fetuses are alive at the time of delivery" at least once a month.

Of course we all remember "Baby Rowan" who was born alive in a Fla. Kill Mill a couple of months back.

In deposition testimony, abortionist Randall B. Whitney has said that born-alive abortions do take place at the Florida facility and staff members make no effort to resuscitate the babies.

In the spring of 2004, a suit was filed against Whitney, a second abortionist, and the Orlando Women's Center, an abortion facility.
The suit alleged that a woman, known as "C.H." in court records, agreed to have a second-trimester abortion at the facility in 2001.

The staff said C.H. had a bad attitude and ordered her to leave the facility. She later gave birth at the Orlando Regional Medical Center to a girl with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Her attorney argues that, had C.H. been permitted to stay at the abortion center, the baby would have been born alive there....."