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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Too Horrible for Words.
Pedophile tortures 3 Kids for 18 months!

I cant Imagine how this went on so long? Why didn't the parents see something wrong? I know that is judgemental, but I would think the kids would cry to the parents not to be left with the "Babysitter", usually the first sign something is wrong. This went on for 18 months!

Following courtroom testimony that sounded like the script of a Hollywood horror movie, a bespectacled 19-year-old named Jeremy Barney was sentenced to 20 years in jail and 20 years of special parole for the sexual and psychological abuse of three Massachusetts children.

This guy should be executed! Grrr
I know that doesnt sound very Christian or Pro-life, but what this guy did is horrible.

To Summarize,:
  • Barney raped and subjected each child to psychological abuse and intimidation,
  • The youth began abusing the children in the summer of 2002, when he began watching pornographic videos with the eldest child, a boy who was then 12,
  • He intimidated the children by telling them he would assault other members of the family if they did not comply with his requests, and he tortured them with a knife, among other items,
  • Barney raped and subjected each child to psychological abuse and intimidation, according to court documents. He also used instruments to violate them with, and cut their genital areas with glass.
  • "He safety-pinned the paws of our cat to the carpet while he sexually assaulted the cat so as to preserve their silence. He used the same instrument of sexual assault on our dog as he used on my daughter, And the dog is still incontinent.
  • To investigators, Barney said the sex was consensual.

The family has had to move and the kids need constant psychological care, and meds. (Those meds wont help, these kids need to get angry, not suppress the emotions, the meds will make them worse and victims of "THE SYSTEM" for many years!)