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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Conflicts in autopsy reports
My examination

If this report is correct, it shows NO DRUGS in her system except acetominophen. TYLENOL!

We were told she was receiving Morphine for the pain! Was she or wasn't she? Either this report is wrong or Terri Suffered Horribly in her death!

I would like to hear Dr. Michael Badens explanation of this autopsy report.

It would appear , if there is NO sign of Coronary, i.e heart attack then something caused her brain injury. Anoxia occurs when the brain is without oxygen. This still does not explain her bone scans which showed "OLD" bone fractures and injuries, nor does it explain the fact of why her neck was extremely rigid.

Getting past all the medicalese I found some interesting comments about Terri's brain, Unfortuneatly I cannot lift the text to reproduce it here. It was too long for me to do by free-hand, ( ok Im lazy today!) Look on pages 16-20 (PDF Pages)

Autopsy confirms that the amounts of epinephrine caught have caused the show amounts of lowered potassium. Also confirms she had a large meal before the collapse with family and didnt appear to be able to purge, Bulimia is SUSPECT!

Compression fracture of the spine was seen- however no explanation for initial fractures of the initial bone scan is explained, in fact he states they wer not present. He blames osteoporosis! Riiight !

Pvs cannot be proven or disproven!

He then goes on to state that her caregivers were erroneous and caused grave danger to Terri in their assertion that she swallowed by mouth. DUH! She swallowed her own SALIVA!

The report goes on to state the Hospice records of only 2 doses of morphine were given to TERRI while she lay starving and dehydrating, ( Im so sorry Terri you had to suffer!)-So Much for Palliative Care!

Manner of Death? DEHYDRATION! Cause of Death? UnDetermined! Which means it can be re-examined further in the future if new evidence is introduced! Case is NOT CLOSED!