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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Interesting, but I wasnt holding my breathe!

Terri Schiavo suffered no trauma prior to her collapse in 1990 under disputed circumstances, according to the autopsy report released today by the Pinellas County medical examiner's office in Florida.

Medical Examiner Jon Thogmartin said Schiavo's brain was about half of normal size at the time of her death.

Thogmartin concluded she likely did not suffer a heart attack and found no evidence she took harmful drugs or other substances prior to her death.

SO then what caused all those problems? HER COLLAPSE! Her broken bones?

The fact that no other Dr. was allowed to observe the autopsy was disturbing, and led some to think they would be no answers forthcoming. Well They were right. There arent any.

Mot included in this article , I heard on MSM news that she was totally blind and unable to swallow food or liquids!
BULL! She swallowed her own SALIVA DID SHE NOT?!