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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mother Can Sue Abortion Business Over Daughter's Abortion Death

Deanna Bell was 13 when she went and had an abortion. She Died as a result. Now 11 years later her mother has the right to sue!

Dianne Adams initially filed a wrongful death suit related to her daughter Deanna Bell's death in 1994 and, five years later, a jury ruled in favor of the abortion facility.

In 2000, an appellate court reversed the decision and said the judge in the initial case wrongly blocked some evidence from being admitted.

At first she was denied the right to retry the case, but a judge has ruled in her favor.

Her daughter was given a local, unfortuneatly they gave Deanna too much, and the facility was not staffed with medically edept people and it killed her.

The abortion was performed at Albany Medical Surgical Center, operated by Family Planning Associates Medical Group, Ltd.

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