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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Priest calls prize-winning judge 'murderer'

While Greer gets Honored for his..? Killing of terri , father Pavone has called him a murderer. Not legally, but ethically, morally. Soapbox

"I use the word not in its legal meaning but in its moral meaning, that is, adeliberate action or series of actions that intentionally kill an innocentperson."

"Terri was not dying until she stopped receiving food andwater," Pavone said.

"Once deprived of that sustenance, she died. It does notrequire any legal or medical expertise to recognize that as murder. Nobody whohas lost the basic capability to understand that should be honored."

"Pavone said, "Whatever judgment, furthermore, is made on Judge Greer'slegal authority to do what he did, no court has the moral authority to directlyand deliberately take innocent life, and those ordered to carry out suchdecisions are morally obliged to resist them by conscientious objection....."

Some of the appeals to Greer's rulings, which were upheld, argued therewas not enough clear and convincing evidence that Terri Schiavo had expressed awish to not live in her current condition.

"Alan Scott Miller, a memberof the West Pasco Bar Association, told the Tampa Tribune Greer'sprofessionalism and integrity was punctuated by the way he handled the Schiavocase."He's getting this award for all of his contributions on thebench,...."