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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Terri Schindler: It Was Fixed From The Start!

The Empire Journal is back online. They have a massive article that made me dizzy just trying to keep up with the who's who, in the case.

For starters, When Terri's case first became a right to die case The schindlers contacted Lawyer Mark I Shames and discussed with him the case for removing Michael as Guardian. He wasn't hired. He later went on to become a Judge. When that happened Pamela Campbell bought out his private practice. she was hired by the schindlers to fight Michael.

Michael requested permission from a Judge to Hire Felos and use Terri's Malpractice Money, money that was earmarked for her long term care. The Judge he asked permission from ?

Mark I Shames

The Schindlers Turned to Judge Chris Alterbernd of Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals, to overturn Judge Greers Decision. Read This Exhaustive and confusing Tangled web Of Deception here....