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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

This weeks Spotlight...Pregnancy Resource Centers

PRC is Pregnancy Resource Center, work of Pregnancy Resource Ministry.
The Ministry is an outreach from Focus on the Family Ministries.
Each Center is individually operated. Some resource packets come Focus.
Packets include videos and booklets on marriage, post abortion, & pregnancy, just to name a few, they even offer some of these in spanish. Referrals and start up resources are also provided.
There are 2400 PRC's across the U.S.
Within the circle of resources are Groups and organisations looking to lend a hand, and provide help. Some of these are,
Care Net is a non-profit organization that supports a network of
more than 800 pregnancy centers across the United States and Canada.
centers that are members of our network, we . . .
Provide free trainings
staffs, boards and volunteers.
Provide prompt experienced legal
advice and

Heartbeat Int'l:
Crisis-intervention services in Heartbeat-affiliated centers include 24-hour hot
lines, pregnancy tests and counseling, host homes, clothing, baby items,
financial assistance, community referrals, helpline phone support, and
abstinence counseling. Long-term and follow-up services for clients and
families in Heartbeat-affiliated centers include medical care,
support groups, parenting classes and other educational
programs, adoption
support groups, single-parent support groups, daycare for
clients in schooling,
licensed maternity homes, licensed adoption services,
professional counseling,
school, and community-based abstinence education
Just some of the services offered,
free pregnancy testsconfidential counselingeducation about
preborn child development, abortion procedures, and abortion
alternativesmeetings with a boyfriend, husband, or parentsreferrals for good
maternity carematernity clothingnewborn-baby clothingbaby foodbaby
furniturereferrals for housing for those who have no place to go, regardless of
whether the mother places her child for adoptionreferrals for community
services, financial assistance, employment, medical assistance, educational
opportunities, adoption, foster care for a minor mother-to-be and/or her baby,
job training, ongoing counseling, and legal aid
....To name a few.
Most centers provide such goods and services as pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, baby furniture and clothing, childbirth and parenting classes and adoption education.
They also provide Information and referrals to women who have had abortions in the past and are in need of Counseling.
Currently Option Ultrasound is their best weapon at dispelling the Lies and exposing the truths about the Baby. To see your Baby up close and personal, growing, moving, sometimes even waving at you, or hiccuping, is an amazing experience. It brings to life the truth. This is the truth abortion clincis ask you NOT to look at. Focus is in it's second year of a six year plan to bring more Ultra sounds to PRC's across the U.S.
It's goal is to equip 650 pregnancy resource centers with ultrasound services.
Since the program’s launch in January 2004, 98 services have been placed in 27 states, with 24 of those comprising sonography trainings.
There is substantial cost of each machine - approximately $25,000-$40,000 per unit - and the various expenses related to training PRC staff in the use of ultrasounds, Focus is providing 80% of the cost of each machine, or 80% of the cost for training for those who already have a machine.
There is a fight underway by those who don't want women knowing the truth.
In a prior article I commented on the fight to remove the window to the womb.
"NYS AG Elliott Spitzer and Ill AG Lisa
Madigan have been looking to criminalize the window the womb shops popping up in
malls. Tacking on language they think will stop pregnancy care centers from
using ultrasounds, too."
Fetusphobic state Rep. Rosemary Mulligan, who never saw a pro-life bill she didn't hiss at or a pro-abort bill she didn't rub her face in, with the encouragement of IIllinois Planned Parenthood, has introduced the toughest anti-ultrasound bill in the country to date, House Bill 2492. It would criminalize fetal ultrasound centers, and just to be sure, also prohibit doctors from writing referrals for keepsake ultrasounds.
The PRC's are advertised in the phone directories and websites. Women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy often go looking for abortion resources.
Listed is also are Abortion Alternatives.
PRC offers women an alternative to Abortion.
Women are counseled thru her options, Adoption or Parenting the Baby. They walk her thru the pregnancy with Referrals to Great Medical Help, with Pro-Life Drs.
Parenting Classes.
Emotional Support.
Material Support.
Adoption Referrals if warranted
Most importantly Spiritual Support.
PRC's are run by Volunteers who care about the sanctity of life, Prior abortion is not mandatory!
To find a PRC near you go to, http://www.optionline.org/ Type in your Zipcode and a list of nearby centers will be listed.
If the Lord puts it into your heart, why not volunteer your time or services at your nearest PRC. You can also support Option Ultrasound by contacting Focus on the Family
A special Thanks to Trudy, at FOTF for answering some of my questions.