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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

George Felos Suspicious Deaths in the Family?

Did George Felos' Mother kill his father? That question is being pondered. George Felos was the lawyer for Michael Schiavo, who had Terri put to death by court order on March 31, 2005.

He also has his own self-proclaimed fascination with death. The man who said "Terri Looked Beautiful" as she was starved and dehydrated to death, has his own skeltons.

It is no secret that his first and hopefully only book he talks about being able to communicate with a persons soul. In reference to estelle Browning his first Right to Die case he said..
“I felt the mid-section of my body open and noticed a strange quality
to the light in the room. I sensed her soul in agony. As she
screamed, I heard her say in confusion, “why am I still here?’ My soul
touched hers and in some way I communicated that she was still locked to her
body. I promised I would do everything in my power to gain the release her
soul cried for. With that the screaming immediately stopped. I felt
like I was back in my head again, the room resumed its normal appearance and
Mrs. Browning, as she had throughout this experience, lay silent”.
“As I continued to stay beside Ms. Browning at her nursing home
bed, I felt my mind relax and my weight sink into the ground”, Felos said.
“I began to feel light-headed as I became more reposed. Although feeling
like I could drift into sleep, I also experienced a sense of heightened
“As Mrs. Browning lay motionless before my gaze, I
suddenly heard a loud, deep moan and scream and wondering if the nursing home
personnel heard it and would respond to the unfortunate resident. In the
next moment, as this cry of pain and torment continued, I realized it was Mrs.
“I felt the mid-section of my body open and noticed a
strange quality to the light in the room. I sensed her soul in
agony. "

Did he perhaps counsel his mother on taking out his father?

His father James Felos was a Republican in Queens County, New York and in 1965, was a candidate for the NYS Assembly, 26th District. A former Queens district attorney, he was a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Miami Law School. In 1976, he campaigned unsuccessfully to be a Pinellas County judge. ( What a Coincidence?)

James Felos had battled colon and rectal cancer and in 1995, was experiencing a reoccurrence when he died as the result of injuries suffered when his wife hit him with her car at their Ridgemoor home, pushed him into the street, then backed over him, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. No charges were filed.

Was it an accident or an unique form of assisted suicide?