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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Apostasy Churches?

Ever since the pedophile priest scandal the Cathoic Church has not been the same. Outside of the normal distrust and worry of the congregants, there are beyond the veil shake ups and infighting.

John Nesbella who's calling came later in life then most- at 33 is being ostracized for speaking out about what is going on. Heard of the Blue Wall of Silence? I guess this would be the equivalent, The Black Wall of Silence. Like Serpico, who broke the blue wall, John Nesbella is breaking the silence around the black wall. It is costing him too.

While in Seminary he encountered Homosexuality. He found out how prevalent it was, and how much of a problem it is. He also discovered, shining a light on a dark secret can bring you unwanted, unwarranted consequences.

Nesbella filed a suit againt the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, claiming he was sexually abused at the age of 16 by a priest (who is now dead,). On Feb. 18 was placed on a leave of absence and was told he may not publicly perform any priestly duties.

He says it is retaliation against his strong anti-homosexual stances and intimidation to force him to drop the lawsuit.

Bishop Joseph Adamec basically told him "conflict of Interest" is what led him to be put on leave.

"Your public expression of intention to litigate against your own diocesan
church and its bishop in civil court would lead to confusion among the majority
of the faithful, if you were to remain in active service,"

It would appear the Bishop is the one in conflict,

"Adamec said Nesbella is not being punished for his anti-gay activities,
which have included distributing a pamphlet that explicitly described the
dangers of gay sex and derided homosexual marriage and a public accusation by
Nesbella that the church is covering up sex abuse including "openly homosexual
seminarians, teachers and clergy."

The bishop issued a gag order after those activities, infuriating
conservative Catholics, who said it was an example of what they view as the
bishop's weak stance against homosexuality."

Nesbella said, "I asked not be to placed on leave, but the bishop said,
'No, I'm putting you on leave, and we will not talk about anything until you
drop the lawsuit,' ."

Nesbella has been called outspoken, and controversial, I like the term "Radical" myself, afterall Jesus was a Radical.

Nesbella said the homosexuality issues are still at large within the churches, and the Bishops who were supposed to clean it up, are still sweeping it under the rug. He won't back Down. Read More

Meanwhile the Methodist Church has given it's approval to a Lesbian Minister.

An appeals committee decided last week to reinstate a lesbian ministry from
Philadelphia who earlier had been removed from her position after revealing her
relationship with another woman.

In December, a clergy court ruled that Beth Stroud, 35, broke church
law when she announced to her congregation that she was a practicing lesbian. On
Friday (April 29), a nine-member appeals committee reversed that decision on an
8-1 vote. "The verdict and the penalty are reversed and set aside," the decision

How does one go about teaching Biblical Doctrine, when they break the very laws of GOD they are supposed to be teaching?

Speaking of the Catholic Church and Immorality, Planned Parenthood has launched a campaign against the Church because they say the new POPE is...*GASP* CATHOLIC!

According to PP Pope Benedict is more strict then Pope JP2.

PP is asking catholics and Non Catholics alike to send letters requesting that Pope Benedict XVI reconsider his “backward views” and change his opinion on sexual morality.

Les Kinsolving did a Column shortly after Benedict was chosen citing the grumblings of the sodomite groups and their disapproval and dismay at having a CATHOLIC POPE.

He said: PFLAG stated that the new pope does not represent a hopeful vision of the future ...

The Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation "is calling on the nation's media to examine Ratzinger's documented rhetoric and writings related to gays and lesbians ....

"Human Rights Campaign" ,stated the following: "We hope Pope Benedict XVI will follow the biblical tradition of expressing love and compassion for all." ....

The Rainbow Sash Movement wrote that they were "deeply disappointed with the choice of Cardinal Ratzinger as pope. We had hoped for a pastor and shepherd, instead we get a doctrinal enforcer." ....

What exactly were these people hoping for anyway? A complete reversal on Biblical Doctrine?

It is sad indeed that there are some in the ministry who are doing just that.

It is becoming apparent that the APOSTASY church is coming to fruition.

The only thing left is to see priests and preachers burning their Bibles.