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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Post-Abortion Syndrome: A Silent Killer

Her name was Sherri, and she had a great love for life. She was always ready for an adventure. I can remember that as a child, her eyes would dance with mischief, and I would know she was planning something that would probably lead to our getting into trouble. We were as close as sisters, and only 11 months apart in age. Sherri was my cousin, and my best friend while growing up. She died before 40 years of age from drug and alcohol abuse. Sherri had become pregnant as an unwed teenager, and was forced into an abortion by her parents. Sherri then silently suffered from PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome.)

What is PAS? It is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. It has been described as being much like the stress experienced by those who have participated in a violent death, physical or sexual assault, and rape. The victim of PAS experiences feelings of helplessness, intense fear, inability to cope, nightmares, depression, thoughts of suicide, and personality disorders. ...READ MORE

Women suffering from PAS have symptoms of Guilt, Anger, and Anxiety. Relationship problems are NOT uncommon. Depression , and SUICIDE!

Because Teens have a harder time processing and expressing emotions they are especially vulnerable to PAS.

Those are just the mental/ emotional effects. The physical effects are a greater risk of miscarriage in the future, ectopic pregnancy, substance abuse, repeat abortion, and Breast Cancer.

Unfortuneatly woman are NOT counseled on what the after effects are. Too many times woman cry later, that they were never told, of the feelings of guilt, shame , and over-whelming grief and loss. For many, substance/alcohol abuse seem the answers to numb the pain.

Ectopic pregnancies are painful and are life threatening if not treated immediately. Breast Cancer, Kills.

It is time to stop the lies about abortion, from it's not a baby to its just a medical procedure, our women are dying slowly one way or another from the bloodshed of death of the innocense.

For more info on PAS and post abortion symptoms: