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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Moving days...

I will be offline for a while, hopefully not long. Moving days are here and I must focus on getting the job done. I will post my last post , probably tomorrow, unless of course someone throws a monkey wrench in my path, as it has been known to happen with me, nothing ever goes the way it is supposed to.

I hate moving, while I like being able to start clean and fresh, it is the whole moving deal that annoys the heck outta me. Having to find someone to help me, I can't lift and lug this crap up the stairs. I will probably also be putting a lot of crap on ebay once I get done. I liquidated before when it became apparent I was gonna have to move. Thanx to my ex- who decided he wasn't going to pay the mortgage or sell the house and split profit with me. The jezabel he left me for got him wrapped around her pinkie so tight he actually let the bank forecose and ruin his credit. He is more then likely riding on her coattails of credit right now!

Anyhoo, I don't want to get started with his shit today, I am in a half way decent mood and don't want to push it!

The sad truth is, when I was putting my stuff in storage I looked at it, and thought is this what my life amounts too? STUFF? All I have to show for my 44 yrs on earth is STUFF? A 10X15 room of junk? It is a sobering experience, let me tell ya. Time to re-assess my priorities.