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Friday, July 08, 2005

Paving the Way for Euthanasia

When Terri Died I had remarked to some in a forum, that it was all about money.

I noticed that when Terri was fighting in the last 6 weeks of her Battle, another newstory was competing for attention, Social Security. "The Gov't Is Broke!" "No money for Medicare!" My arguments with the death culture changed from she wants to die, to "Look who's Gonna Pay for This?"

After she died the newstories about social security reform had ceased for a while.
Recognizing in retrospect how the media had brain-washed and shifted the focus to get more people to wish upon her death, I remarked how devious it was. Some who know me and think like me concurred.

I remembered when Hillary was in the white house. I remember watching Rush Limbaugh ( My induction into political understanding) on tv. He was slated at 2:00am, Im a Night Owl. I remember he was ranting about chillary's health care reform, calling it communist, socialized medicine. He also lamented that under her plan Elderly People and People in Nursing homes would be put to death!
I remember this because I got alarmed over that statement. My Nana was in a nursing home, and NO ONE was gonna Put her to Death!!!!!

I tried to find those statements after Terri died, but could not. Today an article by, Cliff Kincaid at Media Monitor echoes these sediments.

I recommend you read this article complete with quotes from Wesley J. Smith, who touches on the history of dutch euthanasia.

The complete picture of Population control and Agenda 21 Sustainable living, compliments of your friendly and ever loving UN!

Read it!