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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Duplicity of NOW!

Do these people think for themselves? Are they of one group mentality?

On their website it says all the women who have died because they could not obtain a safe/legal abortion. I clicked the link out of curiosity. THERE ARE 7 WOMEN! 7! All from the early 1900's! (except for 2).

They claim to be for WOMEN? Did they ever stop to think of ALL the POTENTIAL WOMEN they are killing thru abortion?

Are they thinking of all the women who have died as a result of abortion? I bet it is more the 7!

From CWA:

In the 1997 publication “Abortion Surveillance—United States, 1993-1994,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that in 1991, 13 women died as the result of abortion. But in that same paper, CDC admits that, due to underreporting, its calculations are likely low.

Other facts bear this out. Between the years 1981 and 1984, CDC reports 42 women died from abortion. However, former Commissioner of Health for New York City, Dr. Stephen Joseph, stated in a 1987 memo to doctors that during that same period 176 women died as the result of abortion in the United States30 in New York alone.

In an effort to gather accurate statistics on abortion complications in Virginia, state Delegate Robert Marshall, R-Manassas, surveyed 1,087 obstetricians and emergency room physicians in 1990. Only 75 responded. But even this low response rate documented 230 abortion complications in Virginia during 1989. More than half (127) were reported 24 hours or more after the abortion. In these instances, the abortion doctor didn’t report an immediate complication. But an emergency room physician or personal doctor was left to try to fix the problem, circumstances which often are not reported as abortion-related.

Last Year FDA officials revealed another woman has died from taking the abortion pill. Three (3) for the U.s. Alone.

This does not include the number of Women who have been left Sterile or infertile because of abortions.
This does not include the women suffering emotional scars from guikt and shame.
This does not include the thousands of women who have or will have breast cancer or other related maladies as a result of Abortion!