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Friday, July 01, 2005

British Doctors Drop Opposition to Euthanasia

A LAW allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients to die came a step closer yesterday when the British Medical Association dropped its opposition.

Doctors voted narrowly to alter the BMA’s stance, opening the way for a renewed campaign to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The BMA decision came on a day when doctors voted on another prominent ethical issue — whether the the time limit for abortions should be lowered from 24 weeks to 20. The motion was rejected resoundingly after a debate in which it was said that images of foetuses “walking” in the womb was insufficient scientific evidence to force a change in the law.

Insufficient Scientific Evidence??? What more Evidence is needed?

The BMA had strongly opposed euthanasia, fearing that it would undermine public confidence in doctors. YA THINK?