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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Idaho Strikes Down Parental consent.

A federal district court has ruled Idaho's parental consent law is unconstitutional.

"The court has been very consistent in telling the state of Idaho that if you want to have a parental consent law, you can do that. But it has to provide a confidential way for a woman to obtain a judicial bypass, and so far the Idaho Legislature has failed to do that,"

"Abortion is protected so much you can't even let parents have involvement with their children," State Rep. Bill Sali said in response to today's development. "To me that's a signal. Our courts today, and the way these cases are being reviewed-- there's something broken there."

"Sali also claims the abortion rate in Idaho decreased during the years the law was in place between 2001 and 2004."

People need to Recognize this is by design. Thanks to the UN and its rights of the child philosphy, it has armed the aclu with what it needs. Parental rights have been removed!

For the Record that don't fly in my home! I am mother and my rights as parents usurp the un /us philosophy on this!

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