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Thursday, July 07, 2005

How to Shut Down The Prolifers? Set Fire to a Clinic!

I am Extremely Suspicious. The Prolife issue has been for the most part been A Screaming Headline now that Sandra Day has retired.

The Presidential Women's Center in West Palm Beach, Burned Monday Night.

"It was an act of terrorism, an act of arson that did a great deal of damage," said Lou Silber, the center's attorney.

Knowing all too well the HEGALIAN DIALECTIC of Problem>Reaction>Solution, I am suspicious of this fire simply because the first words were"TERRORISM, and PROLIFERS!"

How Long before they make objecting to an abortion clinic a criminal act, which would include jail time? Praying or handing out info could get jail time?

The Presidential Women's Center was the Last remaining abortion Clinic in the County. (Insert Applause Here!)

Susan Pine, president of FACE Life said 2 other abortion clinics have been closed, one for lying to the perspective landlord, ( not telling them they performed abortions).