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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Illinois Gov orders stem cell research

Does it Matter what Taxpayers say about their tax Dollars?

Gov. Blagojevich on Tuesday committed $10 million of taxpayer money to stem cell research.

Because the critters couldn't or wouldn't pass a stem cell bill last year the Gov. has decided to take it upon himself to establish stem cell research and funding!

But critics cried foul.

"This is another underhanded act of arrogance and abuse of the General Assembly's constitutional powers," said state Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), a potential 2006 candidate for governor.....

The Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute would fund noncontroversial research on adult and umbilical cord stem cells as well as research on stem cells removed from embryos....

NON-CONTROVERSIAL? Hardly! How can he call killing a baby for its stem cells Non controversial?

Blagojevich signed the executive order at Children's Memorial Hospital, to the cheers of patients, researchers and mostly Democratic politicians. State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) said it would be "unethical to not do what we're doing today."....

How did he do this? The way they all do. They tuck this bills into huge bills that need to be passed, usually ones with good "moral objectives" like funding the war on terror-(lalalala)- The bills are so long NO ONE READS them. The bill gets passed along with all the other ones snuck in there. Congress does it all the time. It is how all the Liberty crunching got passed with the patriot act.