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Friday, July 01, 2005

Violating Religious Consciousness

How much freedom of consciousness are we not allowed in this country now? A Roman Catholic Innkeeper has told a sodomite woman his heart wasnt into planning her "wedding" and wasn't sure he wanted to host it.

The innkeepers Jim and Mary have a family run 24 unit hotel and live and raise their 8 kids on the property.

Susan Parker, filed with Vermont's Human Rights Commission, is based on one phone call with Jim.

The woman phoned the Inn only once, inquiring about holding a civil union reception at the Inn. Neither owner refused to host the reception, but the husband did explain that based upon his beliefs about marriage, he would have a difficult time putting his heart behind the project. The Inn does more than just open its doors for a reception. The owners are actively involved in the entire process, acting in a manner akin to a wedding coordinator.

Liberty Counsel filed a response to the charge, asking that it be dismissed. Neither owner refused to host the event. The husband merely stated that he could not put his heart into the event, because as a Roman Catholic, his religious beliefs oppose same-sex unions. He did say that if Ms. Parker really desired to hold the reception, then he would be willing to meet with her to discuss possible arrangements. Liberty Counsel also argues that there must be an exemption to the discrimination charge based upon the free exercise of religion, free association, and the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.