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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oklahoma Abortion Business Wants Judge to Halt Pro-Life Law

Sounds like they fear loosing the kids, the only ones they may be able to fool with their phony rhetoric about abortion. Why are they running scared?

Nova Health Systems, which does business as Reproductive Services, plans to appeal Senior U.S. District Judge H. Dale Cook's decision ruling that it did not show that the law was unconstitutional or adversely affected the public.

The abortion business wants Judge Cook to void the law while the appeal moves forward. Governor Brad Henry signed the bill into law on May 20 and Judge Cook's ruling allows the law to take effect.

Under the proposal abortion businesses must notify a parent of a minor teen considering an abortion 48 hours before the abortion is scheduled. Similar laws in other states have proven successful in reducing the number of teen abortions by about 30 percent.

Nova claims an injunction is necessary because the law doesn't allow for a speedy decision on abortions for teenagers in abusive situations. ( yea gotta wait to kill them, Bummer, eh?)