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Friday, June 24, 2005

Roe Vs. Wade Special Hearing

Roe v. Wade, the controversial Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America, was the subject of a special hearing Thursday (June 23) on Capitol Hill.
Subcommittee chairman Sam Brownback said he is convinced Roe is "bad" law since it was based on a right that is not found in the Constitution.
"A constitutional right to privacy broad enough to include abortion has no meaningful foundation in constitutional text history or precedent," the Kansas Republican said. But Democrat Russ Feingold disagreed, and praised the ruling.
"It has brought about steady and far-reaching improvements to the health and welfare of women in this country," Feingold stated, adding that the decision opened the door for women to take more of a part in society.

~No It hasn't It just opened the Door for Women and men to be reckless and careless when it comes to sex! No longer will people stop and think about the consequences to their actions. Having abortions as a means of Birth Control has just opened the door to IRRESPONSIBILITY!~

Brownback still insisted the decision was not soundly based. "Justice Blackmon's opinion [on Roe] provides essentially no reasoning in support of its holding," Brownback says, "and in almost 30 years since Roe's announcement, no one has produced a convincing defense of Roe on its own terms." The flaws of the decision received more attention during the hearing.