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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

FOUL! Michael Schiavo's Nastiness Continues!

Michael finally buried Terri's Remains. Not in Pa. as he stated but in Fla. The parents notified by fax that their daughter was finally interred.
Michaels games continued unto this day. He had "I kept my promise" inscribed on her bronze grave marker.

The marker also lists February 25, 1990 -- the day she collapsed and fell into what most doctors said was an irreversible vegetative state -- as the date Schiavo "departed this Earth."

Does I kept my promise refer to a threat he made her.."I promise I will Kill You?

SORRY I had to say that! Sorry but that was a low blow Michael!

Terri Died March 31, 2005, NOT Feb. 25, 1990. She died as a result of Dehydration court sanctioned thru the request of her "LOVING HUSBAND, MICHAEL!"