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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Susan Torres Story
A Story of A Mother Love.

On May 7, Susan Torres' brain suddenly ceased to function, to the horror of her husband, Jason Torres, and the medics who rushed to their Alexandria home to try to save her.
Mrs. Torres is now brain-dead as a result of a massive brain hemorrhage that overtook her that night. She also has cancer.

Her Husband has been keeping her baby alive thru Susans body which has been declared dead until such time Drs. Deem the baby would be viable outside the womb. Sometime in July.

The baby Girl (?) risks her mothers cancer crossing the womb, which could cause a miscarriage.

"I think Susan would've walked through hell to give that child a chance." Said Jason, her husband.

"There's no assurance we'll get to 25 weeks. There's no assurance after she's born that she'll survive. But the ultrasounds and sonograms show a normal pregnancy. The kid seems pretty feisty. During the first sonogram, the kid was moving its arms and legs as if to say, 'Get the heck out of here.' "

The Torres' are devout Catholics who stick to the doctrines "Everything possible to save a Life".

Mrs. Torres was diagnosed with melanoma at just 17, but doctors removed all cancerous lumps from her skin. She later developed a small nodule under her chest wall, but it was not considered an emergency.
Then, in early May, Mrs. Torres began having severe headaches. Her husband took her to a doctor who diagnosed her as being dehydrated. The night of May 7, she was still not feeling well. He brought her dinner in bed, then propped up the pillows behind her.
"I'm sorry for being such trouble," she told him.
"No problem," he said. "This is what husbands do."
Suddenly, she slumped over. By the time an ambulance got her to the hospital, she had no brain function. Doctors performed emergency surgery to reduce the pressure on her brain caused by metastatic melanoma, a deadlier version of the cancer that struck her nine years earlier and spread to her brain, unbeknownst to anyone.

Jason and Susan have a 2 yr old son, Peter. "He knows she's not around," Mr. Torres says. "He's too young to come into the room. Either he wouldn't recognize her, or he'd recognize her, and that'd be worse. It'd upset him terribly."

To make matters worse are the pressing medical bills not covered by the insurance.

To make matters worse still are the pro-death crowd leeches starting to come out of the woodwork.

Capitol Region People Blog has a scathing sarcastic slant on the story.

"Sad story. Sick story. Why can't Jason Torres be satisfied with the child he already has? Why keep Susan alive any longer? Why foot a 400-thousand dollar medical bill for all of this? If the couple didn't already have a child, I would understand. But they do. The risks here are astronomical. Shouldn't someone pull the plug, let mother and child rest in peace?" Wrote Dave Lucas.

Ewan of Perpendity Said:

"Just a husk, a carrying case"
Is it just me, or is this just gruesome? I am glad I am not a woman. Where are the 'let Terry Schiavo die in peace now' people in this situation? Apparently, a woman doesn't really count if her uterus is in use.

Another Left a comment on Capitol region people blog to just "Pull The damn Plug Already!"

How patheticly sick.
If you would like to help out the Torres Family, you can make a financial contribution at:
and through the Torres' church, St. Rita's Catholic Church in Alexandria Va.
Of Course The best Thing to do is to PRAY!