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Friday, May 06, 2005

Donald Herbert and Terri Schiavo

Last weekend Donald Herbert, a firefighter injured 10 years ago considered Minimally Conscious started speaking, and recognizing his Loved Ones.

Terri was considered PVS- a vegetative state of consciousness, meaning she had NO awareness of her surroundings and was unable to speak or communicate.

But Terri did try to speak, but she wasn't clearly understood, according to her family. On one of the videos she clearly responded to her fathers story about her lazy eye, and how she , when she was younger, would do things with her eyes to freak her mom out, Terri clearly started to laugh in response.

When told by her attorney that they were going to remove her feeding tube, and she had better say something cognitive, she screamed "I WAAAAAANNNN..."while trying to move from her chair, this witnessed by the police officer placed in her room as well.

Terri could not communicate in ways that were understood by the Drs. but some nurses and her family knew. I believe Michael knew too, and tried to deny it.

Donald was in a nursing home, recieving care, stimulation, therapy of sorts.

Terri was locked away in a little 9x9 room, no stimulation, no therapy, not even allowed outside on the grounds to get fresh air and sunlight. She wasn't even allowed a washcloth in her hands to stop them from curling, that would be considered rehab, it would be extremely cruel, TO MICHAEL!

Donald got a cocktail of different brain receptor drugs. Terri recieved food and water thru a tube, and midol for cramps. Oh yea, she communicated to the nurses when she had pain from her periods. Michael admitted this in court. Yet the Drs. said she couldn't communicate.

What they really mean is, she couldn't communicate to there "STANDARDS!" Well neither can a baby!

The article from the Buffalo News reports" That Drs. still don't understand the complex workings of the human brain and what exactly goes on inside the mind of one who is MC or PVS."

To really understand they should look to people who have recovered.

Kate Adamson is one of those who were considered PVS.
Kate recovered, and stated she felt everything that was done to her, without the benefit of anaesthetia, or minimal amounts. She heard the comments made by those who came into her room, Drs., Nurses, Family.

She went without food and water for 8 agonizing days and recounts how all she could think about was eating and drinking.

She was lucky though. She had a husband that cared enough about her and about life to do something. Anything to bring her back. She testified on Terri's behalf about her experience.

I suppose one day, like they have been able to get a window the the womb, they will eventually find a way to a window of the mind.

But does this all stem from only a small part of the brain as the Drs. Say? Can one part of the brain regenerate? Can another part take over for the damaged parts? Can Miraculous recovery be GOD inspired? Or at we at the Mercy of DR. FRANKENSTEIN?

In any case failure to thrive was one of the things that brought about Terris downfall.

Drs. discovered decades agao, that a baby left alone with minimal attention, just getting it basic of needs met didn't do as well as those who recieved great Love and care.
Terri had her basic needs met with a G-Tube. Nurses bathed her. Her family visited and tried to provide for her what they could get away with, which wasn't much as Michael went out of his way to see to it, including barring their visits, controlling their time, and deciding on what could and could not be done to her for stimulation.

I believe had Terri been given more love and care. Outside walks, stimulation and therapy, and yes even different cocktails such as those given to Donald, she would have come a lot further.
Instead she was left to lanquish until her Murder!